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Sidorov Aleksandr Mikhailovich

( Artist)

Comments for Sidorov Aleksandr Mikhailovich
Biography Sidorov Aleksandr Mikhailovich
1962 born in Moscow
. 1983 Graduated from the Moscow Plekhanov Institute of National Economy
. 1988-90 member of the band's videos "December"
. since 1989 member of the International Association of Artists (IFA)
. 1990-92 member of the group's videos, perpendicular movie "
. 1992 member of the artistic group "Noart Movement"
. Collections where works
. Videoteket / Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg, Sweden
. Institute of Technology Arts, Moscow
. Conconrdia University "Video artcourse", Montreal, Canada
. Helsingin Elokuvapaja, Helsinki, Finland
. Coronado Films, Valence, France
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. SOLO EXHIBITIONS / video preview

. 1990 "Wind" (video, together with S. Zheglov, O. Ziangirova)
. Videoteket / Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg, Sweden
1993 "FRUITS" (audiovisual project). Association LAVA. Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow


1990 Video Festival. MELZ Palace of Culture, Moscow
"KNOGJARN-90". The University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
1991-92 "White River" (a series of exhibitions and events). Petrovsky Boulevard, Moscow
1992 "Zero lasso". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1993 "Creation of happy dreams". Russia Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow
"In search of a third reality" (blitz forum). Technology Institute of Arts, Moscow
"Premiere manifestation de video et Art electonique de Montreal". Montreal, Canada
1994 "Agenda". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Marginal Zones of Art" (project "Ptyuch-zone"). Festival of Contemporary Art. Art Museum, Sochi
"Reincarnation". Gallery "A 3", Moscow
1995 "Operation" blast holes ". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1997 "Surrealism in the service of revolution. New Documents. Gallery A-3 ", Moscow 1997" Fock-97. "Exhibition Festival of the new visual culture. Central House of Artists, Moscow

1990 "Wind". Yasenevo, Moscow
1991 "Transparent lock", Moscow
1993 series of performances in the project "Aqua Vita". Odessa


1990 "Wind" (with S. Zheglov, O. Ziangirova)
1991 "Transparent Fixer 1"
1993 "Transparent Fixer 2"
1994 "3 Actions"
"Mozart Pseudo Computer"
"FRUITS. Langage "
1995 Mixs volumes 1-7


1998 "Bock". VAX Museum Louis Tussaud `s, Copenhagen, Denmark
"Aquarium". Danmarks Akvarium, Strandvejen, Charlottenlund, Denmark
Mermaid. Lystbadehavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

. Autobiographical notes
. From one-time equity and fixed environmental psychic reality, to planned research and mainstreaming of phenomena and processes, . is a byproduct of laboratories, . editorial, . studios and other organizations, . that serve the cultural needs of society,

. Criticism
. Alexander Sidorov working closely with Nouartmuvment - musical and artistic movement of post-modernist persuasion, unites the leaders of which are musicians in Moscow, Alexei Borisov and Pavel Zhagun constituting the group FRUITS
. Synthesis noise, . electroacoustic music and industrial sounds, Alexander Sidorov accompanies artistic video projects, . which makes extensive use of random effects of different materials and techniques, . reminiscent of the experiments of Max Ernst and other representatives of surrealism,
. Created by it is parallel to the problems of musical imagery ambient early 90-ies. Originating from the psychedelic 60's, it is based on formal automated video effects and mixer. However, at the forefront of his work, . as in the works of musicians, . with whom he collaborates, . nominated no formotvorchestvo and testing of technical capabilities, . and the creation of the enveloping environment c to dive the spectator in the meditative, contemplative state, . it increases the possibility of perceptual,
. Sidorov declares the aesthetic value of a diverse mix of video and film footage, united on the principle of an infinite series of rhythmic visual. He is also willing to work with archival and documentary material by converting and enriching complement its semantic structure and increasing the possibility of interpreting. In "City of Heroes" (1995) Builders Magnitka dance something like "Dances of Death", which alternates frames depicting models of utopian cities. Videoproject "FRUITS. language "(1993-95), . co-authored with A. Borisov and P. Zhagunom, . uses a variety of objects - foil, . colored reflectors - which with the help of computer editing turned into chemical motif - the culinary process, . reflecting the actual structure of the improvisational audio and video series,

T. Mogilevsky

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Sidorov Aleksandr Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Sidorov Aleksandr Mikhailovich, photo, biography Sidorov Aleksandr Mikhailovich  Artist, photo, biography
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