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Sitnikov Alexander G.

( Artist)

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Biography Sitnikov Alexander G.
Born February 20, 1945 in the village of Iva Golitsin district of Penza Region.
Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute. VISurikova in 1972
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow,
. State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg,
. Museum of Fine Arts in Saratov, Almaty, Semipalatinsk, Magadan,
. Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia,
. P. Ludwig Museum, Germany,
. Museum of Modern Art in Nuremberg, Germany,
. Zimmerli Art museum, New Jersey, USA,
. private collections in Russia, France, Switzerland, UK, USA

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1976 "Self-Portrait in Russian and Soviet art". The State Tretyakov Gallery;
1982 V Triennale. Grand Prix. New Delhi;
1982 International Biennale in Venice. Italy
1988 ART-88. Basle. Switzerland
1988 UNESCO - 40 artists, 40 years, 40 countries. Paris;
1988 Auction Sotheby's. Russian avant-garde and modern art. Moscow;
1990 International Images. Gallery "Pittsburgh". Pittsburgh;
1990 Moscow Treasures and Traditions. Seattle, Washington. U.S.
1991 ART MIF II. Moscow International Art Fair. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1991 Russian and Soviet Painting. Lisbon;
1991-92 Liquid. Brittle. Solid. Exhibition of Soviet Artists. Program "Chernobyl". UNESCO. Florence. Italy
1992 International Exhibition of Modern Art CIAE. Chicago. U.S.
1993 Son reveals the nature of things. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow;
1993 CLASSIC IV. Belgium;
1994 Moscow Artists. New look. Moscow;
1994 The Charls Summer School Museum. Washington;
1994-95 The Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives "The True Russia". Washington.
1996 International Trade Fair EUROP-ART-96. Geneva.
1996 Personal exhibition. Gallery Neskuchniy Garden ". Moscow;
1996 Moscow International Art Fair Art-Manege. Moscow.


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Catalog "Sowietkunst Heute", Cologne, 1988.

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    Sitnikov Alexander G., photo, biography
    Sitnikov Alexander G., photo, biography Sitnikov Alexander G.  Artist, photo, biography
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