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STERKINA Eleanor Mironovna

( Artist)

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Biography STERKINA Eleanor Mironovna
E.M. Sterkina was born in Moscow in 1939, studied at art school N1, then at the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (former Stroganov). After his graduation 13 years worked on a film studio "Mosfilm" decorative artist and painter. Took part in the shooting of more than 20 paintings, many times traveled to kinoekspeditsii. Since 1978 member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, Moscow Artists - Painting Section. She worked at the works of art beautiful, I wrote about 50 pictures according to the government, for different cities of the country, was exhibited at various exhibitions in the USSR and abroad, went to the house tvorchestva.Proizvedeniya E. Sterkinoy obazuyut cycles: "Pushkin", "Peter the Great", "Mosfilm behind the scenes", "Circus," "Theater", "Music", "Sports", "Russian province", as well as landscapes, portraits, still lifes. Portfolio E. Sterkinoy known in our country and abroad.
Interests of the author presents: Mr. Victor Yakovlevich Solovyov, Art Expert.

Collections where works

Works are in the State Central Theater Museum of. Bakhrushin - portraits of actors Taganka in roles, in the Assembly of the Fund's Direction of exhibitions of art of the USSR - paintings, acquired from exhibitions and made under the agreements, the Museum of the poet FI. Tyutcheva in g. Ovstug - portraits of the poet's wife Ernestine Pfeffel and daughter Catherine.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1969 Exhibition "50 years of the Soviet circus". Moscow;
1970 Personal exhibition at the Taganka. Moscow;
IX of the 1975 Youth Exhibition. Moscow;
1979 Exhibition "Sport in Art". Moscow;
1980 Zonal exhibition of Moscow artists. Moscow;
1981 Spring Exhibition. Moscow;
1983 Exhibition "Sport in Art". Moscow;
1984 Exhibition "Russian North";
1985 Exhibition "40 years of the Great Victory". Moscow;
1985 Zonal exhibition of Moscow artists. Moscow;
1987 Women - artists Moscow. Moscow;
1989 Personal exhibition. Gagarinskij showroom. Moscow;
1990 Zonal exhibition of Moscow artists. Moscow;
1992 Exhibition. The Art Gallery "Friendship of Peoples". Kiel. Germany;
1992 Exhibition. Gallery "Iris". Paris;
1993 Personal exhibition. Solntsevsky showroom. Moscow;
1994 Personal exhibition. Moscow Association of Peace through culture ". With UNESCO. Moscow;
1998 Exhibition "Sport in Art". Moscow;
2001 Spring Salon. Moscow;
2001 Moscow-Petersburg.

Participated in an auction conducted in the pages of the magazine Russia Academy of Arts "Young artist": paintings "Harlequin" and "Roses", N11-12 for 1993.

Autobiographical notes

I like the smell of oil paints. Like, smells like paints, solvents, linen canvas negruntovanny. Like a hand on primed canvas, defining his grit and willingness to work.
Like mystery white nenarisovannyh canvases. Why do they always raznyeN After primed odinakovoN Once I realized: they break future picture. Why do I know: where will prevail, and where nizN I have the feeling now. Or: it breaks me out of nothingness.
But not always a happy combination. Oh, how capriciously painting! Sometimes a picture is not obtained, and it is useless to write a new job. On this canvas you can not work and need to part with it. And it happens: all the cons, but written well. The shop is dark, tired and palette all the colors are messed up, but - hand sold, beautiful strokes and impose themselves.
Or vice versa - Morning, beautiful light, fresh palette, clean the brush - rather than written. It turns from bad to worse. Change your brush - may be in them deloN sometimes up to twenty hands reach. And still does not work. Then all stiraesh one fell swoop - all the day's work. I feel tired and devastation.
But what joy you experience when the picture is!
The original idea comes suddenly. This impulse is necessary to catch the light touch, but rather to remember, to hold in memory. How interesting then to do sketches, collecting material, go to the libraries, even the ride to another city!
This is especially true of historical paintings, which I am very fond of.
I often ask myself the question: painting - is that for hudozhnikaN RabotaN ProfessiyaN or image zhizniN
After all, we are constantly in the mind of mixing paints, May combine figures and objects, memorize those lines, color spots. The work of the soul never stops ...
Eleanor Sterkina, 2001
. Criticism
. Having fully professional education in Soviet schools, . Eleanor Sterkina wonderfully preserved sincerity and purity of children completely, . that saves even some of its bad austere, . as historical composition on the hackneyed theme of Peter I,
There are no official paper. She feels fine and noble color. Her "Lady" - a revelation izoapokrif. A Q - from a good knowledge of culture, which gave her great experience at Mosfilm and Taganka.
Independent artekspert Viktor Solovyov

On one of his early solo exhibitions Eleanor Sterkinoy wrote a review of known art critic and. Hawks. He pointed out "... topical and colorful diversity represented forty works, which indicates how wide the range of the artist's interest". I. Hawks emphasizes the expressiveness of the portraits A.S. Pushkin. Interestingly, in his opinion, portraits director Elema Klimov, a circus artist P. Chernega, peeta and screenwriter Yuri Arabova, artist Vitaly Kovalchuk. Images of ordinary people - our contemporaries, represented in the loop "Mosfilm behind the scenes are written thoughtfully and sympathetically," ... creativity E. Sterkinoy, "said Hawks," is characterized by its special, urgent manner of writing. "
Newspaper Moscow artist, April 1990

In the journal "Young Artist" Natalia Shubina is the "Auction" review of creativity Eleanor Sterkinoy. "The work of E. Sterkinoy - writes in conclusion, the author.. . very own original interpretation of themes and images, originality composite solutions, saturated color, as well as a surprising lyricism ... when you look at her still-lifes with flowers, you feel the love of the artist nature, as she subtly conveys his feelings ... as tends to instill faith in man and gives him kindness and love. "
Magazine "Young artist", N 11-12, 1993

The art historian Leo Dyakov detail considering two E-cycle work. He writes: "Great success of the author should be regarded as the image of Peter I: a live, humanly convincing, with its rapid-violent fun look. Peter's theme is continued in the triptych "The Tsar Carpenter. Then, this image is realized in the composition "The decree of Peter the Russian navy". Turning to the consideration of the cycle devoted A.S. Pushkin A. Dyakov especially emphasizes painting "Pushkin in Boldino". In this work, he says, the theme of poetic inspiration found adequate artistic form.
Newspaper Moscow artist, June 23, 1994

Journal Sports Life Russia '(N3 for 1996.) Published an essay by Vitaly Menshikov - "By the will of Poseidon". He prefaced with the words: "The name of Moscow artist Eleanor Sterkinoy familiar with a wide range of athletes." No.osoby interest is her last painting "Olimpionik Poseidon". Indeed, the artist has created a series of works devoted to sport. Racing yachts, yachtsmen - one of the most favorite artist so. "When I visited in Greece, . the homeland of the Olympics, . then saw the Bay of Naples - scene of competitions at the Olympic Yachting 1960., . I've got lined composition of the future picture, . devoted to the main characters - the winner in the racing class "Dragon",
. He was a Greek sailor and ... future King Constantine of Greece ". The artist has created on this theme, three paintings, which Olimpionik (so called in ancient Greece to the winners) is represented in ancient garb, and in modern dress at the moment of his triumph. All three films have had great success at the exhibition.


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8. V. Menshikov "By the will of Poseidon" (On the picture "Olimpionik Poseidon". Winner of the yacht class "Dragon" - the future King of Greece Crown - Prince Constantine), Magazine "Sports life in Russia", N93 1996;

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4. Catalog of exhibition of works of Moscow artists., Moscow, 1985;
5. Catalog of the exhibition "40 years of the Great Victory", Moscow, 1985;
6. Catalog of the exhibition "Women - the artists of Moscow, Moscow, 1987.

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STERKINA Eleanor Mironovna, photo, biography
STERKINA Eleanor Mironovna, photo, biography STERKINA Eleanor Mironovna  Artist, photo, biography
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