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Comments for STUCHEBRYUKOV Boris
Born in 1950 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
1967-71 studied at the Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology. M. Lomonosov
. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk gosudarstvennnogo Pedagogical Institute,
. Tomsk State University
. 1980 Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Land Management Engineers (Architectural Department)
. since 1985 member of the Union of Architects of the USSR
. 1994 member of the USDA
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1980-85 One-day exhibition of the club Moscow Sculptors
. Street. ZHOLTOVSKOGO, House of Artists on Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1980-87 Seminars in VNIITE, Moscow
XXVII 1986 Youth Exhibition. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1987 "Object-1. Low, 28, Moscow
"Space-Time-Art". Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of Tatarstan, Kazan
1988 "Geometry in Art". Kashirka, Moscow
"Computer and Art" (with V. Koleychuk). House of Cinematographers, Leningrad
Designer = Artist ". Center for Technological Esthetics, Moscow
"Unidentified movement. Arts Festival. Club "Builder", Volgograd
1990 "Zvukstruk Popfon + + Bicapo" (with V. Koleychuk and T. Vinogradov). Youth Palace, Moscow
"The logic of paradox". Youth Palace, Moscow
Line. Spot. Color ". Low, 28, Moscow
"Moscow Alps". Gallery M `ARS, Moscow
1991 "Mosca-Ticino". Lugano, Switzerland (Lugano, Switzerland)
1992 "Art-Contact. Manege, St. Petersburg
"Garderop". Manege, St. Petersburg
1994 "May Exhibition". Kuznetsk Bridge, 20, Moscow
"Pool" Moscow "(exhibition-action). Pool "Moscow", Moscow
"Christmas Exhibition". Regina Gallery, Moscow
1995 to "wheel-spinning". Cinema Museum, Moscow
1997 "Svetopredstavlenie". Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow

Simultaneous SHARES

1987 "Oratorio of" The Origin of Species B. Darwin (B. Stuchebryukov - music, instruments, performance; A. Turkin - texts, literary reading), the exhibition "Object-1. M., 28, Moscow
1988 "Potpourri of poetry A. Mitiaeva and A. Turkin" (with A. Turkins) Festival of Arts "Unidentified movement in Volgograd and XXVIII youth exhibition in Moscow
"Improvisation" (with V. Chekasin). Kuznetsk Bridge, 11, cinema hall, Moscow
"Improvisation" (with V. Chekasin, L. Saarsalu, L. Vintskevich). DK Moskvorechye ", Moscow
1989 "Architectural Images" (with DA Prigov). DK Hammer and Sickle ", Moscow
1992 "Words and Song" (together with the duet "Kvas ordered"). "Art Shit, Sivtsev Vrazhek, 44, Moscow
Autobiographical notes

"Russian rationalism" - a term that perfectly describes my invention in the arts. Formotvorchestvo potentially nevysvobozhdennaya energy of varying forms, vzaimosuschestvovanie, the metamorphosis of various forms, the interaction between them - the basic impulses of my artistic. As the current (projected or under construction), an architect, I understand, and such wells of inspiration as a human, relevant, ethical, epic, and, say, androgynous. However, I remain indifferent to him as an artist. Sure, . are exceptions, . but only, . when the formal side gives all zatee completeness, . such as in the series "samokollazhey" (the term V. Koleychuk): "Pushkin, Gorky, . Purkin-Goshkin and others "; or simultaneous actions with the poet A. Turkins,
. Therefore, it is useful to explain and say that the relevant literature, "razor blade" - it is not ledyanyaschy heart and repeated a thousand image, but only successfully came over "stamp" for assembly. But the mysterious, or not (N), the term "immanence" will help to identify my understanding of the role of artifacts produced by us in a vague context of contemporary art in all its inevitable reconstruction in the future. Tundra is my agorafilstvo, as well as respect for the pioneers - the avant-garde figures of the early twentieth century, and constitute the field of my interests in art. Another thing is that the concept of space has undergone since the major changes, and now we are talking not only about the physical but also cultural, textual and even the political spaces. But not all of these spaces attract my attention. And only those that lend themselves to structuring.


The original principle of the kinetic of formation can be traced in the works of 80-ies Muscovite B. Stuchebryukova. It is associated with the use of the elastic forces of various materials. In "mobilerah" B. Stuchebryukova simple strip of spring steel is rolled into a double ring and fixed with their ends with the axes, having a counter-rotational movement by electric. Slow rotational motion of all tape leads to the transformation of the spatial arrangement, with the cycles of elastic bands are replaced become catastrophic (instantaneous) changes shape. Meditative cycles of motion are replaced by abrupt explosive changes, bewitching the viewer unpredictable behavior of the object. The secrecy of the mechanism of transformation and plastic drama psevdozhivogo create an image of a simple object (something like a snake), miraculously demonstrating its cycle of power and formal changes. Here form and energy have a unique artistic resolution.
. Second representation of an object - a multi-layer ring, . collected from 15000 pivotally connected by steel razor, . resembles the principles of building structures "network" Mathematics Chebyshev, . principle that - to change the spatial form only due to changes in network angles,
. Transformation of the ring in various forms is usually Stuchebryukovym and resembles a small performance morphogenesis, passing in front of the audience.
. In the hands of the author, steel, fabric begins to overflow and become a cylinder, the dome, the cone scales are recalling whether fish, or snakes
. The work carries a big play potential, causing emotional and cognitive empathy viewer.

V. Koleychuk. From the book "Kinetism", Moscow, "Galart, 1994

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STUCHEBRYUKOV Boris, photo, biography
STUCHEBRYUKOV Boris, photo, biography STUCHEBRYUKOV Boris  Artist, photo, biography
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