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Terekhov, Igor L.

( Artist)

Comments for Terekhov, Igor L.
Biography Terekhov, Igor L.
Before 1971. lived in Mr.. Ufa, since 1972. - G. Zhukovsky, Moscow region. In 1977. - Graduated from the Moscow Physical - Technical Institute for the engineer - physicist. Painting deals with 1973.
Pointless painting in the future of Christian Culture. Light in color and space of the canvas. Luminous landshavt Russia.
Collections where works

Works are in collections of galleries Rivolta (Lausanne), DyuMarshe (Montreux), Fanartsi (Paris), in the collections of Popov, E. Globenko (r. Moscow) and other collections.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1989 Autumn Exhibition committee of artists - charts. Small Georgian, 28;
1992 Exhibition Association 'Queen of Spades'. State Tretyakov Gallery (exhibited 20 works);
1995 Personal exhibition in the House of Composers;
1996 'Ways. Abstraction at the turn of the century '(5 works exhibited);
1997 Personal exhibition 'Rear - vanguard'. State Institute of Art.
1999 Moscow International Art Salon. Central House
Autobiographical notes

Igor Terekhov 'Counter - the vanguard of the' May 21, 1997
On occasion, Lord!
Today Orthodox great holiday - Day of Remembrance of the Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian. Theology of Light, 'enlightens every man coming in the world' - a living foundation of spiritual art.
Development of the Byzantine Empire St.. Gregory Palamas, teaching in a perfect bezslovesnom was in Russia, the iconography: a simple, deep, luminous.
It's great that this exhibition is opened in a day. Modern painting and the state of decline, in which we all abide, very, very far from the great tradition. But its light illuminates and the world.
. Basic, the simplest and most complex subjects of painting - light, color, energetic songs, the depth of space (its 'historicity', by Spengler) have their foundation in tradition.
. Presented here is devoted to painting these subjects
. The works date from the time 93 - 94 years and in the West - the European (Latin) tradition could be called the exhibition 'Diary 93 -94 years.' If we assume that the painting - a reflection of some spiritual and linear-time traffic. But it is not. This is not a reflection, and things; things in the sense that they understand a. F. Losev - 'synthesis of ideas and matter'.
They live their lives and weakly connected, if any, associated with fluid (sticky), the artistic process. What you see here, could be written and 70 and 700 years ago (as a highly magnified piece of Dionysius or Paolo Uchchelo). This is not the product of 'curious' of the human mind, and the result of close glaring during. Sharp, sophisticated and sweeping the European sense of color came into the world of 2000 years ago with the Gospel.
Modern painting thoroughly forgotten about their roots. Bit by bit, we have lost this gift to us.
Return is available to all and always, as St. Seraphim said: 'courted, son, Holy Spirit'.


Igor Terekhov been painting since 1972. Not simple for the perception of paintings Igor Terekhov are true masterpieces of his color - a mathematical construction, and philosophical significance is unquestionable and is marked by many connoisseurs of contemporary avant-garde art. Artist impeccably precise in the transfer of his attitude, thanks in no small measure contributes to the highest intuitively - consummate technical skill. So part of the work is not accidental:
. France, Paris, gallery Helena Fanartsi.
. Switzerland, Lausanne, gallery Rivolte.
. Switzerland, Monroe, Gallery du Marche.
. Eugene Globenko.
. November 1993.
. Terekhova can think of creativity in different ways - on account of its complexity and often difficult to fully understand
. But even inattentive, superficial spectator at first glance to open it pleasing to the eye decorative color combinations, seem sometimes folded experienced jeweler mosaic of precious stones. People are more closely for a long time will not deviate from his work, astounded imaged in their depth of thought and clarity of feelings. And even the serious researcher - a skeptic bow to the paintings of Igor Terekhov - witness the fact that abstract art is not only not come to an impasse, but to this day shows a high duhopisi images.
. Sergei Popov, a member of the Association of Art.
. 1995
. Bibliography
. Catalog of the exhibition 'Ways
. Abstraction at the turn of the century '. Moscow. 1996.
Catalog of the exhibition 'The Queen of Spades', Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow. 1996.

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Terekhov, Igor L., photo, biography
Terekhov, Igor L., photo, biography Terekhov, Igor L.  Artist, photo, biography
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