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Tole Anthony

( Artist)

Comments for Tole Anthony
Biography Tole Anthony
Born in 1945 in Sabadell, prov. Barcelona, Spain.
After graduating from the University of Barcelona, considered one of the most talented young Spanish artists.
Lives and works in Paris and in Formantera (octrova Baleares, Spain)
. Collections where works
. His works are in the National Center for Contemporary Art in Paris,
. Museum of Modern isskusstva in Paris
. Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona,
. Heneralidad de Catalunya in Barcelona,
. Musée de Deputasion in Barcelona
. House of Culture in Grenoble, France,
. Hastings Foundation in New York,
. City Montrouge, France,
. Natsionalnyom Foundation for Contemporary Art, France,
. House of Culture in Le Havre, France,
. the city of Villeurbanne, France,
. Foundation La Caja

Participation in exhibitions and auctions


1966 Academy of Fine Arts. Sabadell. Barcelona;
1967 Palacio Marisela. Sitges. Spain;
1970 Academy of Fine Arts. Sabadell. Barcelona;
1973 Hall of Gaudi. Barcelona;
Gallery 1975 Mathias Fels. Paris;
1976 Gallery Maegt. Barcelona;
1976 Gallery d'Endt. Amsterdam, 1976 Gallery of Fabian Bulak. Paris;
1977 Gallery Beaubourg (Cultural Center. Pompidou). Paris;
1979 Gallery Beaubourg (Cultural Center. Pompidou). Paris;
1979 Gallery Alain Digar. Paris;
1979 Salon del Tinel. Barcelona;
1980 Gallery Jan de Maar. Brussels;
1981 Gallery Jan de Maar. Brussels;
1981 Casino de Knokke. Belgium;
1981 Gallery Jan de Maar. FIAK. Paris;
1982 House of Culture. Grenoble. France;
1982 Flora Gallery. Paris;
1983 ARCO Madrid;
1983 Hastings Galerie. New York;
1983 Wall Galerie. Skotsdel. Arizona
1983 Wall Galerie. Santa Fe. New Mexico;
1983 Flora Gallery. FIAK. Paris;
1983 Flora Gallery. Paris;
1984 Cultural Center. Macon. France;
1985 Palais Garnier. Paris;
1985 House of Culture. Havre. France;
1985 Franco-Japanese Institute. Tokyo
1985 Gallery Takagi. Nagoya. Japan;
1985 ABC Gallery. Osaka. Japan;
1986 Museum Chitac Shu. Japan;
1986 Museum Fukuoka. Japan;
1986 Kollehio Oficial d'Aparelyados and Arkitektos teknikos. Barcelona;
1986 Flora Gallery. Espace Kiron. Paris;
1986 Gallery Thierry Salvador. Paris;
1987 Gallery Hall. Villeurbanne. France;
1987 Goya Museum. Castres. France;
1987 Gallery Sebre. Formentera. Spain;
1988 Instituto Estudios leydenos. Lleida. Spain;
1988 Hall de Ayuntamento. Acher. Spain;
1988 Days of Contemporary Art in Formentera. Spain;
1988 Gallery AB Granollers. Spain;
1889 Gallery du Santr. Paris;
1988 Gallery Bella SIOM Baram. Formentera. Spain;
1988 Gallery Susanna. Vic. Spain;
1990 Gallery Lola Cerdan. Barcelona;
1990 Gallery Bella SIOM Baram. Formentera. Spain;
1990 Gallery Central. Sabadell. Spain;
1990 Gallery Fiat Doi. Paris;
1991 Gallery du Santr. Paris;
1992 Hall Gaspard. Barcelona;
1993 Gallery Kiron. Paris.


1966 Museum of Modern Art. XI Salon de Maiga. Barcelona;
1974 Young Art. Museum of Modern Art. Paris;
1977 FIAK. Gallery Fabian Bulak. Paris;
1974 Fira del Dibuiks. Gallery Meygt. Barcelona;
1978 Gallery Nina Dosse. Paris;
Salon 1979 in Montrouge. France;
1979 World Aimé Meygt. House of Culture in Rennes. France;
1979 Trends in art in France. Museum of Modern Art. Paris;
1979 Figurative art today. Gallery Hall. Paris;
1980 Altra Realidad de Catalunya. Rene Metras Gallery. Barcelona;
1981 Cultural Center of Mexico. Paris;
1982 FIAK. Gallery Jan de Maar. Paris;
1983 Figurative art from Cezanne to the present day. Museum Bridgetown. Tokyo
1984 Gallery of Fine Arts representatives. Paris;
Salon 1985 in Montrouge. France;
1986 Gallery Sebre. Formentera. Spain;
1987 40 Country, 40 artists. UNESCO. UNESCO. Paris. Catalonia.;
1989 Kommenoz Galerie. Florida;
1990 Abbey de Cordelier. Chateauroux. France;
1990 Abbey de Premontre. Pontamusson. France.

Autobiographical notes

To be alone - this is fun. Sometimes it is very difficult, but at the same time - this is fun. For me, one man, alone, more than any religion. I am more fascinated by the individual, than all the religious brotherhoods in the world.
The people themselves must find answers to your questions. If they respond, they will never be able to assess their worth. You can appreciate just what is inside themselves. As for art, if it comes easy, then what value it predstavlyaetN


As shown in the exhibition of Scottsdale, each of the best works Tole begins with rooms. Sometimes this room is completely empty, sometimes it can see one or several pieces of furniture. There is only a source of light, beautiful in its radiance, which intrudes into the emptiness of the dark interior.
Once people are in his room, covering their concern. You receive a sense of hidden danger, anxiety, tension, feelings of loneliness is so great that it becomes physically palpable.
. Subject individual, lonely, even in the company of others, always absorbed by his own reflection and lit a bright light source from outside, constantly repeated in the paintings Tole

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