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Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich

( Artist)

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Biography Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich
photo Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich
Born in 1955 in Moscow.
In 1979 he graduated from Moscow State Art Institute. VI. Surikov. Laureate of the Moscow Komsomol.
In 1996 awarded the title "Honored Artist of RF" and the gold medal ax
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery,
. State Russian Museum,
. Kaliningrad Museum
. Yaroslavl Museum
. Frunze Museum,
. Museum of Komsomolsk-on-Amur,
. Kaliphoff sculpture park in Belgium
. Berliner Bank in Germany,
. Gallery "Art Nouveau" in Moscow,
. Gallery Dzh.Pula in England
. in private collections in Russia, Italy, Germany

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1980 Personal exhibition. Biological Center. Pushchino-na-Oke. Russia;
1981 Salon in Paris;
1983 Group exhibition of sculpture. Frankfurt an der Oder. Germany;
1991 Salon in Miami. U.S.
1993 Personal exhibition. "Art Nouveau". Moscow;
1993 Group Exhibition. Gallery 'Olga'. Moscow;
1994 Exhibition. Gallery 'Karina'. Moscow;
1994 Exhibition of outdoor sculpture park in the Association 'Museon'. Moscow;
1994 Exhibition at the Union 'Museon'. Moscow;
1994 Group exhibition in the gallery 'Olga'. Moscow;
1994 Art exhibition 'Flowers for Christmas'. Combining 'Museon'. Moscow;
1995 Christmas Exhibition Gallery 'Olga'. Moscow;
1995 Exhibition dedicated to the 50 anniversary of Victory. Moscow (catalog);
1995 Art Exhibition 'Sculpture and flowers'. Combining 'Museon'. Moscow;
1996 Personal exhibition (Joint. With Shchipachev). CX USSR
1996 Personal exhibition. Gallery of the museum Schuseva. Moscow;
1996 International art fair ART ARENA-96. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1996 'Russian Collection'. Gallery 'M'ARS'. Moscow;
1996 'Art in the interior'. Maly Manege. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

I want to make a realistic sculpture - figurative. I believe that the sculpture on its capacity can be compared with music

. Display and pay for it - stupid.
. Do not pay and not be - boring.
. Pay and not displayed - not necessary.
. Display, and not to pay - does not work.
. Criticism
. The original and most important starting point for the sculptor finds a direct reaction to the experienced, seen, instantly marked gaze, memory, instinct
. He admits that when going from the idea of rational, the sculpture does not work. But see the old half-forgotten work of the Russian battle-with his thoroughly prochekanennymi veins on the face of a horse and a stubborn desire to reach the lights the same precision and artistry. Or set it would seem formal order to find the only correct solution compositions of the two chairs and sitting on their rights. Born sculpture, . embodying this shaky situation, . which is unexpected for the author himself in the process turns into a figure of Nestor Makhno - the man's tragic, . bizarre fate of the revolutionary times of turmoil, . ascended to the people's leaders and dedicated the new "revolutionary" government.,
. Here he is working on a sculpture group of boys playing in a knife, and underfoot they did not just land, but the planet, and on the reverse side of the marble likeness seen the outlines of a classical portico, perhaps, the ancient temple
. Suddenly, the sculptor comes across a pile of useless now bronze bust of the leader, and one of them finds its way into songs, next to the temple - in the form of either defeated an idol, whether one of the evidences of its former ...
. All works of sculptor living freely and openly, people, problems of different levels.
. On one of them - and most important - it must be said: Dmitry worthy of large scale, consonant with his talent and visible from afar

VN Polikarpov


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. I. Dudinskiy "Observer Megapolis Express palil of the gun," Megapolis Express, October 1996, Moscow;
. Moscow times, in February 1995, Moscow;
. "Galery M'ARS", catalog "Russian Collection", 1996, Moscow;
. Art Manege-96, Catalog of the Moscow International Art Fair, 1996, Moscow;
. Journal 'Creativity' N9, p. 7, 1982;
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. Journal of 'Media Art' N 1, 1993;
. Journal 'Interdesign' N 1, 1994;
. 'Visual Arts
. Russia XX Century '. Encyclopedic Reference, pp 246-247, 1995;
Catalog 'Russian Collection', 1996;
Catalog 'ART Manege', 1996

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  • Yuri Blinov for Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich
  • Dmitry Hello. Writes Yuri Blinov, glad to see your success, I saw your work on the site, just prazitelno grown. Vostrg and joy deliver your raboty.Napomnyu about myself, I'm from Izhevsk continue to engage in a medal until all.
  • Anonymous for Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich
  • Dear Dmitry Nikitivich! Welcomes you to Alexander. In the 90 years I returned to your work, "White Horse" I wanted to talk with you. Some themes
  • Alexander for Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich
  • "White Horse" tel. 89057324442
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    Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich, photo, biography
    Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich, photo, biography Tugarin Dmitry Nikitovich  Artist, photo, biography
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