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Michael Fedorenko

( Artist)

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Biography Michael Fedorenko
photo Michael Fedorenko
Born in 1960. G. Kaliningrad. Graduated from the Byelorussian Theater and Art Institute in 1986. Participated in exhibitions since 1983. Member of the Professional Creative Union of Artists of Russia of the International Federation of Artists.

Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Russia, Byelorussia, Germany, Poland, Israel, USA, China.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

Exhibitions in Russia, Belarus, Germany, France 1989.

Autobiographical notes

The continuing problem of creativity, striving to reflect the spiritual, - understand the relationship of expressive forms with ideology, to comprehend the relation of content and expression.


The master's inherent desire for broad generalizations, setting the philosophical and ethical issues. Artist of his creative will create a mysterious and exciting world of painting. In an infinitely complex process shaped the knowledge and understanding of reality it is exercising its vocation to transform and improve the spiritual world. And here, above all, touches a deep sincerity of the artist, knowing the world in all its complex set of contradictions. No admittance into the spiritual ideal, but stern, incorruptible trial match or mismatch of the ideal life and. Every true work of carrying the truth about man, about the darkness and the light of his spiritual quest - is a moral deed, requiring the artist civil courage. Art is always drawn to someone. But importantly, in the name of spiritual values which the artist has a conversation with the world.
Michael Fedorenko undeniably belongs to the rare type of masters of philosophical storehouse of talent. Expressing his vision and understanding of the world, he creates an artistic image that reflects their own moral and aesthetic ideal. Spiritual knowledge is extremely specific and deeply personal. The continuing problem of creativity, striving to reflect the spiritual - to understand the expressive forms of communication with ideology, to comprehend the relation of content and expression.
The philosophical works of the master plots are based on the mythological, the Old Testament and the Gospel materials with their theological interpretation. I would like to note, . that all the paintings are diverse and are finished in their substantive content, . and at the same time, . together, . they are united not only the spirit and character of his letter, . but its basic idea, . and in this sense represent a kind of spiritual unity, . internally, . ideologically cohesive in all its parts,
. Motives works by Fedorenko have deep symbolic meaning, imbued with eschatological moods, gradually growing into a sense of the inevitable transience of all earthly.
Reported high spirituality of the artist differ sophisticatedly design, precise rhythm of composition, subtle harmonic color, rich chiaroscuro effects. All this shows mastery M. Fedorenko, his professionalism. All the works feel the desire to scale, much to the style, the limiting plastic expressiveness. History in pictures of the artist is recognized as a distinctive development of the spiritual principle, which determines the whole system of moral and material life. Spatio-plastic and color scheme while striking paintings and conquers its powerful expressiveness. As an artist, M. Fedorenko seeks to ensure that, without losing the basic relations and clarity of the overall construction, save as much as possible the relationship between all elements of composition.
Poetry of myth and legend turned into the artist's work a miracle of fine art, romantic and tantalizing mystery of disturbing beauty.

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    Michael Fedorenko, photo, biography
    Michael Fedorenko, photo, biography Michael Fedorenko  Artist, photo, biography
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