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Fedorin Dmitri Pavlovich

( Artist)

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Biography Fedorin Dmitri Pavlovich
photo Fedorin Dmitri Pavlovich
Born in 1936 in the village Sannikov Moscow region.
In 1954 he graduated from the Moscow art school
1961 Moscow Higher Industrial Art School named. Stroganoff.
He worked in the field of graphics, design, oformitelstva.

Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Russia, France, the United States, Japan, Spain, Germany, Poland.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1989 Joint exhibition with V.I.Knokovym.Vystavochny Hall Timiryazevsky Area. Moscow;
1990 Joint exhibition with VI. Knokovym. Exhibition Hall "Arbat". Moscow;
1990 Group exhibition of Soviet art. Madrid;
1991 Personal exhibition. Showroom Izmailovo district. FIAE, Troitsk;
1992 Personal exhibition. Showroom Izmailovo district. Moscow;
1992 Exhibition in the collection Promradtechbank. Taganka Theater. Moscow;
1993 Exhibition Collection Promradtehbankayu Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 Family Fair on the "Ostozhenka 16" (jointly with LN Horoshkevichem, Fedorin, I. Fedorin). Moscow;
1995 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1995 the anniversary of the Victory (with LN. Horoshkevichem). Russia's House of Culture and Science. Warsaw;
1995 Personal exhibition. L. Klosh. Dijon.


Painting Fedorina belongs to 70-m-90-m years, the time "neshestidesyatnikov"-complex, really have not studied. Who onN RealistN Nesomnennno, but only because his paintings relate to the actually existing in this world or in earthly consciousness. In painting Fedorina equated with one another. We find ourselves in an unknown world, which accounts comprehend, learning the delicate language of the artist. This - the language of painting, language, and conjugations of contrasts, conflicts and harmony paintings plastics. This - the language of abstractions. Campfires Fedorina not warm. This - the element of fire, something opposed to darkness and cold, night besetting. This - creatures with their behavior - bizarre, inexplicable, unpredictable. It is - it is important: Painting Fedorina - not a mirror, coming to our world, and not a continuation of his. Mysterious, nepostigaemost the world, probably, a significant issue Fedorinsky painting, and the pathos of it - to overcome this alienation.
Artist acutely aware of the dignity and greatness of life. It is seen not in its individual manifestations, and retold in detail. He builds his own world - the world transfigured by the projection of the earth, peace to our souls - a space in which no satellites, no little white stars, scattered two childishly Roerich in uniformly painted blue and blue skies. Space Fedorina is real, and so full of secrets. Artist confidently manage the few things in his canvases, which he needed. Each of them carefully and precisely correlated with the world pictures of space, designated place and the need for any thing in the structure of the product. These large canvases Fedorina somehow reminiscent of the objective world cinema Tarkovsky.
Dmitry Fedorin in its own way comes from his mother's fire itself is crumbling intangible gold dust, then erected sturdy columns. Rock hard, devastating piling or suddenly becomes transparent and weightless ( "Ariadna's thread").
Fedorin - not only a true artist, but also quite as easel, easel, mainly. Therefore, his canvases - the only way "to the people" - through the exhibition and museum. At this time, remained unfulfilled and painting Fedorina, and the whole artistic direction, so far so really and not included in our life where Fedorinsky so lacking.

Vladimir Tseltner.


Lifshitz LM, Valentine Knock. Painting. Graphics. Dmitry Fedorin. Painting. BM, 1990;
Lifshitz L., in the exhibition hall FIAE opened a personal exhibition in Moscow artist Dmitry Fedorina. Trinity version. February 5, 1991, P3;
Zeal. Exhibition of Dmitry Fedorina. Leisure in Moscow. June 6, 1992 gN 23. P5;
Demina AS, Treasures Bank Taganka. Bussines. December 15, 1992, Mr.. P2;
Yaralova L., paintings by Russian artists from the collection of bank. Promradtechbank. 1993;
N. Zaitseva, footprint on canvas. Moscow News. March 20-27, 1994. N 12. P4;
Lodygin A., Opposition - norma.Zametki with exhibition Dmitry Fedorina. Moscow artist. January 4, 1995, Mr.. N 1,2. P5;
Lifshitz, A., artist Dmitri Pavlovich Fedorin. Painters. January 1995N 1. P3;
Unfashionable artist. Arguments and Facts. 7-14 December 1994. N 49;
Dimitry Fedorin raconte sa vie. Dijon. 14 et aout 1995. P.1.

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Fedorin Dmitri Pavlovich, photo, biography
Fedorin Dmitri Pavlovich, photo, biography Fedorin Dmitri Pavlovich  Artist, photo, biography
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