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Basil TSYGANKOV Nikitivich

( Artist)

Comments for Basil TSYGANKOV Nikitivich
Biography Basil TSYGANKOV Nikitivich
Born October 13, 1932 in the village Lebyazhe Altai Krai.
He graduated from the Leningrad Art-Industrial College of. VI. Fly the department of ceramics and glass in 1960.

Collections where works
His works are in State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg,
All-Russia museum of decorative and folk art,
State Museum of Ceramics and Manor Kuskovo "XVIII in. Moscow,
Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, Italy,
Museum in Meiningen, Germany,
Museum and the University in Flagstaff,
University in Madison, USA,
private collections in Russia, France, Poland, Germany, Italy.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions
1960 Competition ceramics. Prague;
1965 International Exhibition of Ceramics. Museum "Arta". Geneva. Switzerland
1971 Exhibition of works at the international symposium ceramics. Vilnius;
1973 31-th International Ceramics Competition. Faenza. Italy
1974 International Exhibition of Ceramics. Vallauris. France;
1975 Dresden - Leningrad. Dresden, Leningrad;
1975 Our Contemporary. Leningrad;
1975 Exhibition of works. International Symposium ceramists. Meiningen. GDR;
1975 Competition ceramists. Faenza. Italy
1977-86 One Arrangement N1-10. LOSH, Leningrad;
1982 Competition ceramists. Faenza. Italy
1984 Modern Soviet ceramics. Dick-Grentshauzen. Germany;
1990 Porcelain otherwise. Vabzhih. Poland;
1991 Leningrad Ceramics. Bologna, Lavenna. Italy
1991 Phoenix. Arizona. U.S.
1991 Pottery Leningrad. Bologna. Italy
1992 Ceramics. Philadelphia. U.S.
1992 1 st exhibition galleries "STANBET". Hall of Directorate of exhibitions and auctions of the International Cultural Foundation. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes
I draw from early childhood. Participates in exhibitions since 1962. I work with pleasure.

For the first time in front of us "functional pottery". This motif, which fascinates us and makes us not only decorative qualities that appeal to tradition, rich in suggestive sources, but absolutely possible for their future architectural use. We are ardent supporters of "functional pottery" and her great opportunities come from the bare, pale modern architectural wall, which can only elevate the elegance of ceramics.
. While the artists of our time looking for new forms and motifs, Tsygankov close to the most popular compositions to show the high efficiency of decorative ceramics with very simple actions with magnificent floral
. He gives us one of the valuable aspects of decorative ceramics.
. If the international jury wanted to take this into account significant "innovation" and more estranged from the modern to the most abstract art, . it would have been struck with the beautiful roses, . that the external and internal environment have brought a sense of eternal spring.,
. I would like to see other aspects of creativity Tsygankova, . and we are even more convinced he would be a fascinating way, . he chose the great diversity, . which he presented to us, we are absolutely sure, . that the direction, . which he promotes with the exquisite feeling of a thin selection of plot, . able to convince us even more in the fullness of his thought, . that we believe is of particular importance to the educational and architectural,

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Catalog "Sontemporary East Evropean Ceramics", February 15-March 22, 1992, Philadelphia, USA;
Booklet Gallery STANBET, 1992, Moscow.

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Basil TSYGANKOV Nikitivich, photo, biography
Basil TSYGANKOV Nikitivich, photo, biography Basil TSYGANKOV Nikitivich  Artist, photo, biography
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