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CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G.

( Artist)

Comments for CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G.
Biography CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G.
photo CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G.
Born October 1, 1954 to Mr.. Moscow. In 1972 graduated from art school, district Krasnopresnensky g. Moscow. In 1983 graduated from the Art Department of the Moscow Institute of Technology. Since 1983, the teacher of composition and painting at MIT and the Institute of Fine Art and Advertising (IIRI) in Moscow
. Collections where works
. His works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Museum Schloц÷ Morsbroich in Leverkusen, Germany, in a meeting of the city Kanaveze Torre in Italy, and in private collections in Russia, Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, USA

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1983 Personal exhibition. Editors 'Young Guard'. Sushchevskaya Street. Moscow;
1991 Personal exhibition. Municipal Museum 'Schloц÷ Morsbroich'. Leverkusen. Germany;
1991 Exhibition of the creative association 'Collective responsibility'. Central House of Artists, Krimsky Val 10, Moscow;
1992 Exhibition - competition 'Golden Brush'. Central House of Artists, Krimsky Val 10, Moscow;
1992 Exhibition of works of Russian artists at Expo-92. Seville. Spain;
1993 Exhibition of the creative association 'Collective responsibility'. Hanover. Dц╪sseldorf, Gallery Concern 'Preussag'. Germany;
1996 Personal exhibition. Gallery nails '7 '. Russia - The American press - the center. Hlebniy Lane. Moscow;
1997 Exhibition - permanent exhibition. Torre Kanaveze. Italy
1999 Moscow International Art Salon CHA-99. Central House of Artists, Krimsky Val 10, Moscow
. Autobiographical notes
. For me, the most important components of the picture are: form, structure, rhythm, space.
. In art, most valuable organic, multi-layered - the ambiguity of the image, the opposite direction, inside out, the inner essence.
. Collecting alogical nature, accident, lap, adjusting to each other different pieces, I work for a long time on each part, have sought to limit organic design, links, images, textures
. Organic body. Combining in one work from various events, different scale images raznofakturnye pieces, contrasting color masses, seeking precarious harmony, try to recognize themselves in time.
. This creator only one who retained the childlike perception of the world and categorical judgments.
. Art - is a game that I take very seriously, as any child

. Criticism
. Andrey Tolstoy
. Magic numbers and arithmetic of Contemporary Art
. Paintings and drawings by Sergei Chesnokov, Ladyzhenskaya filled with dramatic attitude, and this is equally true for color solutions and for the composite construction of his work.
. The person for this artist - the universe, a microcosm, encapsulating the entire microcosms, or something resembling a house of a skyscraper with its internal communications and floors.
. This translates into a kind of construction of each piece, each silhouette.
. Moscow, 1996
. Bibliography
. Journal 'Rural Youth', 1983
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Magazine 'Culture and Life', 1990. N1. V. Lipatov. 'Investigating yourself, others did not make a mistake'.
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Catalog solo exhibition at the Museum 'Morsbroich', 1991. Mr. Riza n. 'Outward expression of inner peace'. Page. 71 - 73.
Introduction to the directory solo exhibition at the Museum 'Morsbroich', 1991. R. Vedever. Page. 3.
Newspaper 'Kц╤lner Stadt - Anzeiger'. S. Kreuz. 'Chesnokova Pictures tell the story of Russia without folklore', 'Internationally, but in Russian'. N27. Page. 14.
Catalog of the second Moscow festival - contest "Golden Brush - 92 '. Central House of Artists. Moscow. N27, p. 65.
Exhibition Catalog oedineniya 'Collective responsibility', 1993. Gallery Concern 'Preussag'. Hanover. Germany. Mr. P Rize. 'Communication modernity with tradition'. Page. 3 - 6.
Weekly 'New Age', 1996. Catherine Drobiazko. 'Layering metamorphosis'. N10. Page. 38.
Magazine 'new youth', 1996. Andrey Tolstoy. 'Magic number'. N17. Page. 138 - 144.

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  • Alexander Skorokhod for CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G.
  • Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful exhibition. I liked very much all. Have a nice life and wins! Happy Birthday! Sincerely, Alexander Skorokhod. (Creative Union of Artists)
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    CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G., photo, biography
    CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G., photo, biography CHESNOKOV-Ladyzhenskaya Sergei G.  Artist, photo, biography
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