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Chetvertkov Igor D.

( Artist)

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Biography Chetvertkov Igor D.
photo Chetvertkov Igor D.
Born in 1956 in Moscow.
In 1977 he graduated from the theater department of the Moscow School of Art Memory 1905. From the first course attended the workshop AG Tischler.
Since 1987 member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Since 1991 member of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia.

Collections where works

Works are in the Central Theater Museum of. Bakhrushin
. Museum of children's theater in Moscow,
. Theater Library in St. Petersburg,
. Art Museum in Sevastopol
. Picture Gallery in Vologda,
. as well as in private collections in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vologda, Sebastopol, Magadan, Vladimir, as well as Finland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Britain, Japan, United States

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1979 All-Union Exhibition of Theater and Cinema. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow. (catalog);
1982 All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists "Youth of the country". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow. (catalog);
1983 Prague Kvadriennale-83. Prague. (catalog);
1986 Personal exhibition. Moscow;
1989 European exhibition "Our Chekhov". (catalog);
1989 All-Union Exhibition of Theater and Cinema. Central House of Artists. Moscow. (catalog);
1990 "Russian Art". Gallery Ligat ". LA. U.S.
1991 Exhibition of Russian Artists. Anchorage. Alaska. U.S.
1992 Personal exhibition, "Art Gallery". Kremlin. Moscow. (booklet);
1993 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition. Chersonese Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve;
1993 Art Museum. Sevastopol;
1994 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 Personal exhibition. Vologda Union of Artists;
1994 Republican exhibition of theater and cinema. Nizhny Novgorod;
1995 Personal exhibition. Theater Comedy. Akimov. St. Petersburg;
1995 Personal exhibition. Gallery RosArt ". St. Petersburg;
1995 Personal exhibition. VGTRK (TV). Moscow;
1996 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1996 "Art Manege". Moscow.

Autobiographical notes


The artist - has its own palette of sounds,
From the birth model of the world
Model of Consciousness
Model Sensations.
Paints - meaning of his existence.
Rhythms - receptacles into which penetrates the Light of Truth.
And now - there is music ...

Model Circuits

Engine consciousness - as a chain.
Model - the fruit of the subconscious.
The subconscious mind - the fruit of the Spirit Consciousness.
Sigh - fixing Sensations.
Sensation - fixing Truth.
Sigh and fixation - Subconscious.
Consciousness of the Spirit - nadmirno.
Nadmirnost - Idea.
The idea of the Artist - Version.
Version - detail Chains.
Chain - the engine of Consciousness.
Engine - The Heart.
Heart - Engine Life.
Heart of Life - the voice of Nature.
Nature - the voice of the Soul.
The soul - the body of Truth.
Truth - the body of the Sound.
Sound - the body of the Soul.
Body - Matter of Consciousness.
Matter - the body of Nature.
Rain - a catharsis of Nature.
Catharsis - spiritual Rain.


Igor graduated from the Moscow Regional Chetvertkov art school memory 1905, where from 1973 to 1977, I conducted a course of theatrical songs. With its enormous capacity for work, trying as soon as possible to learn a profession and to work independently, he managed to make two to three times longer than the other students ...
... Teachers in those days was a lot of Igor. He studied art Selvinsky T. and B. Messerer. One knocked at the door for A. G. Tischler (did something on that I was feeling love for this artist, at the time decided not to), showed student work and then not again receive his advice ...
... After finishing school the young artist's creative activity was stimulated by the proposals directors to exercise their theatrical ideas into practice. This period brought the joy of communicating with interesting directors and the bitterness of failure in implementing the plans with people, creatively he was not close. Together with director Carsten O. issues in Dzerzhinsk play by F. Dyumanuara and AF Dennery "Don Cesar de Bazan" ...
. ... The new proposal draw play by Anton Chekhov "The Seagull" in educational theater GITIS brought to life many new drawings, sketches of scenery and costumes
. Understanding the changing depending on the development of drama performance space has become more diverse and deep ...
... In 1980, Igor collaborates with dramatic theater in g. Kirov. He draws performances of "Love and Intrigue" by F. Schiller, "Those who love women" by Robert Thom - with director Roguretskim, "The ridge Horse" AP Ershov, "Young mistress Niskavuori" on the play by H. Vuoliyki - with director S. Dogadkin. The last of these performances was the most successful, but it remained unsold, many designs of the artist ...
... How would reward the artist, consistently finding their theater and its director for Igor was working with director F. Berman on the show in the Vladimir Regional Drama Theater. Lunacharsky "Bonjour, Edith Piaf!" ...
... Igor Chetvertkov works a lot. Try their hand at different genres, draws pop revue, puppet shows, creates a series of graphic and pictorial works, persistently looking for ways to more fully express their creativity and human individuality.

From the article S. Benediktova Igor Chetvertkov SB. "Soviet Artists of Theater and Cinema", N 6 ed. "Soviet Artist", 1984.

I am glad that Igor mentions me among his teachers. We communicated a lot. I was always very likable and charming his human, artistic appearance, the calm in the face, with the insistence of the artist in achieving their goal. I immediately thought of his work somehow akin. Then I repeatedly convinced that my first impression proved to be no coincidence that they were perfectly logical for the rest of his life.
Works of Igor is changing and there are different periods, cycles, that too me in something close and it is gratifying. Behind this is art search-and serious hardball.
I can always distinguish his work in the theater, and in easel painting, and graphic. Ability to work in different genres at first glance a logical path for any artist. For the set designer is a rare way, because the only artist who works for himself, without hope of early success, working systematically and with a desire to achieve some spiritual height in chmstom his art may well use his talents.

Boris Messerer. Interviews for the film "The artist Igor Chetvertkov" Program "Vizavi" 1993


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