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Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev

( Russian composer, pianist, teacher, scholar, music and public figure.)

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Biography Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev
Son of Master of Literature, an amateur musician and. Taneyev. In 1875 he graduated from the Moscow Conservatory N. G. Rubinstein (piano) and P. I. Tchaikovsky (composition). He performed in concerts as a piano soloist and ensemble player (in 1876 undertook a concert tour in conjunction with LS Auer in the cities of Central and Southern Russia, who later played with Mr.. Wieniawski, A. V. Verzhbilovich. the 'Czech Quartet', in piano duets with A. I. Siloti, P. A. Pabst, etc.). The first performer of piano works by Tchaikovsky, participated in the performance of his own compositions (in Russia and abroad). In 1878 - 1005 activities Taneyev was inextricably linked with the Moscow Conservatory (since 1881 Professor), . where he conducted classes harmony, . Instrumentation, . and piano (1881-88), . free composition (composition, . 1883-88), . counterpoint and fugue (Poly), . musical form (from 1897), . in 1885-89 Director,
. In 1905, in protest against the conservative methods of management and reactionary tyranny Directorate, Taneyev defiantly left the conservatory, where, despite requests from professors and students are no longer returned. However Taneyev continued to study with students (free of charge, private). He remained a prominent figure in the musical life of Moscow: he was one of the founders and teachers of the People's Conservatory (1906), . one of the founders and active members of society 'musical-theoretical library' (1908), . attended Prechistenskie courses for workers, . number of concert organizations,
. Much attention is paid Taneyev study folk music. In 1880-ies. recorded from a. A. Gattsuka and processed 27 Ukrainian songs, later harmonized 8 Little-Russian songs from the collection of N. A. Yanchuk, during a trip to Svaneti (1885) recorded many songs and instrumental tunes of the North Caucasian. He is the first historical and theoretical study of the folklore of the peoples of the Caucasus ([O music mountain Tatars], 'Messenger of Europe', 1886, Prince. 1,. I. Glinka, M. I. Tchaikovsky, as well as. S. Bach, L. Beethoven), Taneyev anticipated many trends in music art 20 century. His work is marked by the depth and nobility of ideas, high ethical and philosophical orientation, restrained speech, mastery of thematic development and polyphonic. Polyphony has acquired special significance in the works of Taneyev, but the enthusiasm complex polyphonic methods sometimes led to rationalism, rationality. In his writings, he gravitated to the moral and philosophical issues. That, napremer, his only opera trilogy "Oresteia" (by Aeschylus, 1894) - a sample implementation of the ancient story in the Russian music. Of particular importance in the work of Taneyev's chamber became instrumental works (his trio, quartets, quintets are among the best examples of this genre in Russian music). He was one of the creators of the lyrical-philosophical cantatas in Russian music ( 'John of Damascus', 'Upon reading the psalm'). He revived the popular domestic music of 17-18 centuries. genre - chorus a cappella (by more than 40 choirs). In the instrumental music of special significance attached Taneyev intonational unity loop. This musical-dramatic principle is largely associated with one theme and is embodied primarily in the 4 th Symphony, as well as a number of chamber and instrumental ensembles.

Great contribution Taneyev - a scientist in the development of music theory. He created a unique book - 'The moving counterpoint to the strict letter' (1889-1906) and its sequel, 'The doctrine of the canon' (end of 1890. - 1915).

Great historical significance was teaching activities Taneyev (A. K. Glazunov called it a 'world teacher'). He fought for the high level of musical and theoretical training of students of all specialties Conservatory. Taneyev established composers' school, and trained many musicologists, conductors, pianists (in piano pedagogy, Taneyev was the successor of the traditions N. Rubinstein). Among the students: Rachmaninov, A. N. Skryabin, N. K. Medtner, P. M. Gliere, R. N. Igumnov, D. E. Konyus, B. L. Jaworski.

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Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev, photo, biography
Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev, photo, biography Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev  Russian composer, pianist, teacher, scholar, music and public figure., photo, biography
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