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Biography AMPHITHEATER Aleksandr
photo AMPHITHEATER Aleksandr
(born in 1862), son of archpriest of the cathedral's Moscow, on his mother's nephew, AI. Chuprova. He graduated from the course at Moscow University on the Faculty of Law. Already a student took an active part in the "Alarm" and other comic publications. Preparing for an opera career, after graduating from university went to Italy, whence he wrote in the correspondence "Russian Gazette". In the late 1880's worked a lot in Tiflis "New Review". In the early 1890's, A. become an active member of New Times "and became known at first," Moscow ", then Sundays feuilletons (under the pseudonym Old Gentleman). In 1894 - 96 years traveled extensively in the Slavic lands and correspondence from Bulgaria helped the Russian-Bulgarian "reconciliation". In 1899, leaving New Times, founded with Doroshevicha and other newspapers "Russia", which had a huge success. In early 1902 "Russia" for the feuilleton A.: "Gentlemen Obmanovy was closed, and A. expelled Minusinsk. A year later he was transferred to Vologda, and then received permission to settle near St. Petersburg. In 1903 he contributed to the success of the newly established newspaper "Rus", but soon, an article on "Konovalov history," in Mining Institute, he was forbidden literary career, and he was again deported to Vologda. Leaving in the "days of freedom" abroad, published in the Paris magazine "Red Banner", closing it until the opportunity to return to Russia. Prolific journalist and responsive, colorful stylist, A. in journalistic activities of its experienced two phases of. In the period of cooperation in the "New Times, he, by his own definition, belonged to the" moderately-protective group ". In 1897, a trip to Poland was "very shaken" his confidence in "ohranitelstvu and nationalism; cooling began between him and the" new age "which ended during the winter of student unrest in 1899 rupture. This period is worth a. "agonizing moral turning point". Since then, his "road defined: he wants to" go for it, as long as alive ". In recent years, a. focused almost exclusively on fiction. He wrote a long series of interesting stories, tales and dramas, in which the ease of manners prevails over artistic staunchness. The designs he has always been very broad. For example, in the eighties and Devyatidesyatnikah "he sought to clarify the social psychology of these difficult periods. Under the general title "Twilight Bozhkov" by conceived by his own words, write a dozen novels, depicting the elimination of Russian XIX century in the XX-th century - fractures in the art, family, commerce and m. e. ". Most frequently, however, these broad plans to quickly move to the image perfectly examined by the author of opera and theater world. Because of the passionate love for this world A. loses all sense of proportion. Brilliant singers, composers of genius, the brilliant opera, the brilliant production and swarming in the novels A. Many of these images little covert a portrait. Sometimes the author introduces the description of real persons and events of 1880 and 1890. From AMD And. with great success was "poisoned conscience". Productivity And. enormous. In separate edition: "Ludmila Verkhovskaya" (1888), . Random Stories "(1890), . "Rogue Fedka" (1892), . "Psychopaths" (1893), . "Dream and reality" (1893), . Tale and were "(1893), . "Viktoria" (1903, 3rd ed., . 1907), . "In my wanderings" (1903), . "Literary album" (1904 and 1907), . Maria Luseva "(1904, 3rd ed., . 1908), . "Worldly scum" (1904 and 1905), . "Siberian Tales (1904 and 1907), . "Women and Ladies" (1908), . "Distance" (1908), . "Beautiful Tales" (1908), . "Upstream" (literary articles, . 1908), . "Twilight Bozhkov" (2 hours, . 1909), . Fabulous were "(3rd ed., . 1907), . "Country of contention" (Balkan experience, 2 ed., . 1907), . "Women's Mood" (3rd ed., . 1908), . "Legends of the publicist" (1905), . "Mounds" (1905), . Paths "(1906), . The Legend of Time "(1907), . "Macedonian Jews" (1907), . Repentance Filiberta "(1907 and 1908), . "Pobedonostsev" (jointly with EV,
. Anichkov, 1907), "Proverbs skeptic" (1908), "Contemporaries" (1908), "Fantastic truth" (1908), "eighties" (1907 and 1908, 2 v.), "Devyatidesyatniki" (1910, 2 pm ), "Old in the New", "Five Pieces" (1908), "Antiques" (1909), "The Firebird" (1911) and others. Stories prohibited Russian censorship, appeared in foreign publications. - Wed. Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary" (t. VI). S. In.

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AMPHITHEATER Aleksandr, photo, biography
AMPHITHEATER Aleksandr, photo, biography AMPHITHEATER Aleksandr  Famous Writer, photo, biography
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