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Anastasevich Vasily

( bibliographer and translator)

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Biography Anastasevich Vasily
(1775 - 1845), bibliographer and translator, a native of Wallachia (Anastase). He studied at the Kiev Theological Academy. Was a tutor at one of the Kursk landlord, and later served in the infantry corps malorossiyskom sharpshooters and, using the location of its chief, Prince rm. Dashkova, significantly enriched their education. At the beginning of the reign of Alexander I, along with Karazin and Jerome Stroynovski engaged in the affairs of the transformation of the Vilnius Academy and on the device at all academic departments (at the base of the Ministry of Education). Appointed clerk to the trustees of the Vilna Educational District, Prince AA. Czartoryski, A. enjoyed his full confidence and was conducting business not only for school districts, but often by the Senate and the Council of State. Serving then as the chief of the Polish Branch of Little Russia and the rights of the commission drafting laws and. translated from Polish into several legal works and the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to take stock options in the appropriate places on the constitution, decent content onogo (St. Petersburg, 1811). Stroynovski translation of the book ( "On the conditions of the landlords to the peasants"), . equipped with a foreword, . which are collected from the "Ancient Russia Vivliofiki" historical evidence of the peasants in Russia, . - Made a strong impression, . be seen from the unpublished diaries of the Decembrist NI,
. Turgenev: the translator is even threatening prosecution and dismissal from service. Meanwhile Stroynovski went no further than the hope that landlords will sooner or later realize the need for emancipation of the peasants "from slavery and the slave states" and enter into voluntary agreements with them on the ground, the release of anticipated private land without. In 1811 - 12 years of A. magazine "The Hive", who had no success; it three-quarters of the articles, in prose and verse, will be owned by a. It is - for the most part translations from Polish, but there are biographical and bibliographical notes on Bogdanovich, Cantemir, Knyazhnin, Sumarokov, Kheraskov and other Russian writers. Since the end of 1820 A. was a censor, but in 1830 for missing "Konrad Valenroda was dismissed without a pension. In "The paintings in Russia by reading books from the library in. Plavilschikov (St. Petersburg, 1820, and 5 additions in 1821 - 24 years) A. described in a systematic way 8488 works, but in "Paintings by reading books from the library A. Smirdin (St. Petersburg, 1828) - 9934 pieces. The accuracy of dates last painting, its systematic, excellent elementary and indexes, the disclosure of many aliases, anonymous letters and signatures - all this makes the work a. necessary for all involved in the history of literature and science in Russia in the late XVIII and early XIX centuries. Under the direct supervision of a. appeared in the light-fifth of the "experience" Sopikova and 2-edition works of Baron Rosenkampf: "Review Helmsman Book. A lot of it is translated from the French and. In 1812 he wrote an original poem of "Attila the XIX century" (Bonaparte). On the recommendation of Shishkov A. offer was twice a member of Academy of Russia, but both times was voted down. Paper A. stored in the Imperial Public Library (including two autobiographies, notes and letters to him from different persons). - Wed: Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary ', t. I; "Russian Biographical Dictionary", t. II.

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Anastasevich Vasily, photo, biography
Anastasevich Vasily, photo, biography Anastasevich Vasily  bibliographer and translator, photo, biography
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