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ANDREEVSKIY Ivan Efimovich

( Lawyer)

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Biography ANDREEVSKIY Ivan Efimovich
Born March 13, 1831, died May 20, 1891. Education received the first St. Petersburg High School and the Faculty of Law, St. Petersburg University. In 1854 he defended his master's thesis: "On the rights of foreigners in Russia up to half of the XV century (St. Petersburg, . 1854), . which concluded, . that "the ancient history of the rights of foreigners in Russia demonstrates the right way to look at the Russian invaders, . and therefore has a greater inner dignity, . than the history of the rights of foreigners from other European nations ",
. He pointed at the same time on the right (in ancient Rus) free arrival and departure of foreigners in the Russian broad tolerance, on the right of foreigners to own houses in the cities and t. n. In 1855 A. published, . pro venia legendi, . argument: "The contract with the German cities of Novgorod and Gotland, . concluded in 1270 (St. Petersburg), and as a privat-docent began to read in the St. Petersburg State University, lectures and police law,
. The result of his lecture was "The Russian state law" (t. I. Introduction and Part I: "On Government". SPb., 1866), which first attempted to explain the historical foundations of our state law and illuminate it from the perspective of Western science. In 1864 appeared his doctoral thesis: "On the vassals, the governor and the governor". In the preface the author speaks of the beneficial value of only that you enter the "Regulations on Zemsky institutions". Great beginning of self-government should be in all respects to improve on the character of the governor's power. By the governor's power A. returns and one of the most recent of their articles: "Reform of the executive police in Russia" (in "Collection of the State of knowledge", t. I, St. Petersburg., 1878). In 1855, A., parallel with a lecture at the university, took the Law School vacated by the death of Nevolina Department of encyclopedias and history of Russian law, which he held until his death. As the main subject of his study A. published course "Police Law" (2 vols., St. Petersburg., 1872; 2 nd enlarged edition. 1874). It is divided into two sections: the doctrine of security and the doctrine of welfare, and thus embraces all the teachings of the management. In this work the author carries out its basic idea of the freedom of private initiative and the promotion of society and the state in cases where the strength of an individual are not sufficient for full development of personality. In 1883 the council of the university chose a. the position of rector, he withheld from the introduction of a new charter in 1884 until 1887, when he left, however, and a professorship at St. Petersburg University. Principalship A. coincided with a heavy period of university life. The breakdown of the old order and creating new ones kept him extremely busy state. It took all his energy and love for young people to reconcile conflicting interests, to appease the fiery elements. - AA, as an experienced lawyer, has been invited to several government commissions. A special attention. used in rural and urban self-government and, in particular, public administration of the capital, which has repeatedly appealed to him for advice and guidance, especially on the organization of health units and public charity. Thus, when organizing the city commission of Public Health, A. made for her body of statutes in force on guard the public weal, which served as the basis for the development of all subsequent binding decisions of the St. Petersburg City Council on this subject. In recent years, the center of social activity A. served founded in 1877, "Russian society escort of public health". In 1885, a. was appointed director of the Archaeological Institute, where he held the chair "the science of archives". Here A. was a direct successor of the founder of the Institute, NV. Kalacheva, and energetic organizer to implement its plans and's purposes. Within six years, t. e. until his death, A. put his extensive knowledge to support and erection of an appropriate height of the institution, standing at the head of the provincial archival commissions of scholars who are concerned about studying and preserving the national antiquities. In addition to the above, A. belong to the following works: "The importance of universities in the state, . Scientific and academic relations "(in the Appendices to the journals of the Academic Committee of the Governing Board schools on the draft of the General Rules Russian Universities", . 1862), "The latest attempt for the better ordering of charity of the poor" (in the "Compendium of public knowledge", . t,
. I); "The significance of work Russian zemstvos for administration and economic science" (Proceedings of the Free Economic Society of t. III, 1876), "Progress in the spread of Russian society and political knowledge, 1855 - 1880" (in the "Russian Antiquities" 1881, N 2, at the 25 th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Alexander II); "Prince Alexander Suvorov Arkadievich" (there same, 1882, t. XXXIII); "On the financial difficulties of Russia in the beginning of XVIII century" (in the Journal of Archeology and History "for 1864)," The importance of the development of archives for the success of codification "(in the" Observer ", . 1882, . N 7); "Scientists archival Commission in 1886" (in the "Russian Antiquities", . 1887, . t,
. LVI); "Decade of the Archaeological Institute" (in the "Russian Antiquities", . 1887); "Scientists archival Commission in 1887" (ibid., . 1888); "The meetings of the Governing Senate in 1740 - 41 пЁп+п¦я¬, . of unpublished material (in the Journal of Archeology and History ", . No.,
. VII, 1888). In addition, A. published "The Complete Works of KA. Nevolina "(5 vols., . Petersburg., . 1857 - 60) and edited the Russian translation of manual Lorenz Stein, . "Teaching about the management and the right management, . comparison with the literature and the laws of France, . England and Germany "(St. Petersburg, . 1874), . "Zemsky Yearbook for 1876" (published,
. Free Economic Society, 1878), as well as "Legal Bibliography", published in 1884 - 86 years of Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University. In 1890 - 91 years A. assumed the general revision "Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Brockhaus-Efron and managed to release 6 polutomov, . placing them in the following major articles: "The archaeological institutions and archaeological School, . "Archival Law, . "Archiving scientific commission", . "Archival studies or science of the Archives", . "Archives", . "Good", . "Welfare", . "Welfare", . "Improvement", . "Deanery", . "Bluntschli" and much more.,

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ANDREEVSKIY Ivan Efimovich, photo, biography
ANDREEVSKIY Ivan Efimovich, photo, biography ANDREEVSKIY Ivan Efimovich  Lawyer, photo, biography
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