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Stepan V. Anikin

( modern political figure)

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Biography Stepan V. Anikin
photo Stepan V. Anikin
Russified Mordvin, peasant Saratov province. Born in 1869, at the end of Saratov was a public vocational school teacher. Joined the Socialist Revolutionary Party. Among the local peasantry, he enjoyed wide popularity, causing the antipathy of the local police authorities. Several times he was involved in political affairs and was in prison. During the revolutionary movement of 1905 he went into hiding. This has not prevented local farmers to choose its electors in the State Duma, and in the provincial assembly election in absentia, he was elected a member of the State Duma (1906). In Petersburg, he was not having the documents. After the dissolution of the first thoughts of his case was dismissed, the documents returned to him, and he was able to once again go to the legal position. In the State Duma A. was one of the organizers and leaders of labor. His speech, bright and strong, full of hatred for the old order, found a significant response to the peasants and created him wide popularity. Most frequently performed it on the agrarian question, also spoke on the amnesty, the death penalty, the improper actions of the authorities and t. d. A. ardently defended the idea of a City Council decision, local - county, district and provincial - committees to confer land to the peasants, who were supposed to play, as he hoped, a significant role. Shortly before the dissolution of the Duma, he was sent to the labor group in London for an inter-parliamentary conference of the socialist. Due to this, he at the time of the dissolution of the Duma was absent from St. Petersburg. Vyborg appeal is not signed, to the point of it was not involved, and without losing the right to re-election, took an active part in the agitation over the election in the second State Duma. He was re-elected elector, . But Saratov's Commission on Elections to annul his election to the Senate explaining the basis, . demanding, . that of the peasant curia participated in the elections only peasant households, . Leading his own farm,
. In 1906 - 1909 years A. lived mainly in St. Petersburg and was an active member of the Central Committee of the Labor Party. At the conference working groups after the dissolution of the Second Duma (the summer of 1907 in Finland) A. defended the idea of boycotting the election to a third State Duma, but when the vote was agreed to take part in them, and he has complied. During these years a. writing fiction and journalistic essays in "Russian Wealth" and other journals, was one of the founders of the national book publishing and book trade "home world" in St. Petersburg. In 1908 he published a book in St. Petersburg "Mordvinic folk tales". At the end of 1908 was one of the founders and the actual editors' Cheerful Word ". The beginning of 1909 A. was arrested on charges of involvement in the peasant union, released on bail, and the fear of being arrested, fled abroad, where she lives today. In the "News of Europe" over the past two years have been published two of his essay: "What shall I ask the village" (1909) and "For the righteous land" (1910) and the story: "The wall of the deaf" (October 1910).

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Stepan V. Anikin, photo, biography
Stepan V. Anikin, photo, biography Stepan V. Anikin  modern political figure, photo, biography
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