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Anthony (Aleksey Khrapovitsky)

( well-known church leader and writer)

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Biography Anthony (Aleksey Khrapovitsky)
son of Novgorod landowner, military general, war hero 1877 - 1878 period. Born in 1864. Brought up by his mother to church and ascetic spirit, he said, after completing the course in high school, he entered the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. By the end of the 4-year student took monastic. Left at the Academy as a professorial fellow, he at the same time the post of Assistant Inspector (1885 - 86). In 1886 - 87 year y. was a teacher of homiletics, liturgical and canonists in Kholmskoj Theological Seminary. In 1887 he was elected an associate professor correcting Petersburg Theological Academy on the faculty of SW. Scriptures of the Old Testament, and defended his thesis for the degree of Master of Divinity: "The psychological data in favor of free will and moral responsibility" (St. Petersburg, 1887, Vol. 2-e, 1888). In 1889 he was appointed the duties of inspector Petersburg Theological Academy. In 1890 he received the rank of Archimandrite and the principalship, first in the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary, and a few months - in the Moscow Theological Academy. In 1895 he was transferred to the rector of the Kazan Theological Academy. In 1897 he was ordained a bishop and in 1900 became bishop of Ufa, in 1902 the Archbishop of Volhynia. - Published in Kazan in 1900, the complete works of A. in 3 volumes can make of it as a writer, a fairly complete picture. His modest in terms of a philosophical thesis is drowning in them invisible and uncharacteristic particle. The fact that free will is proved from something given him in our minds and consciousness. Another scholarly work of AA, which has grown out of his professorial class, is "Interpretation of the book of St.. Micah (St. Petersburg, 1891), it is not included in the collected works. After paying tribute to science, and. in the rest of his writings appears in the typical image of a Publicist. His tongue is lively and easily, not alien to a dramatic nonchalance. Responsive temperament, a good literary education, agile mind and vision when meeting with people gave him a great spiritual power over the students. Boys literally for years sat by his incredibly hospitable and affectionate Rector. "This university," - exclaims in his memoirs, one of them - "is the ancient Greek Academy; here among the chatter and jokes are sown ideas, each of which deserves to grow up in a thesis". Often, well used, but much more there came the young monks particular hue: A. first began to justify the lifestyle-trained for administrative monasticism break with the convent gate. A theological views. no lack of individuality and innovation, even causing him some points, even in direct polemics with fixed orthodox (t. I, 73 ff.; III, 385). Recognizing the need for moral explanations of all religious dogmas, he threw the flag against non-Orthodox theological erudition and called for the creation of the original Eastern theology, based on the ancient fathers, and the text of the liturgical books. He emphasized the social mission of the church and, with respect to this problem, developed a whole system of Pastoral care, closer to the interests of life and the intellectual level of society. General outlook of the author - definitely Slavophil, exacerbated by a principled asceticism, lasting up to sympathy Monophysitism ( "What distinguishes the orthodox faith of the Western confessions," St. Petersburg., 1901, p.. 5 - 6). Misconception about the changes in the views of Archbishop A. recent. This - the misunderstanding of many of his students, wrongly identifies her youthful humanism with Slavophile-ascetic enthusiasm of his teacher. In fact, AA, beginning with his first literary performances, always remained his equal. Circumstances of recent years had led him only to make detailed findings of the previously expressed principles. Fundamentals of worldviews Archbishop A. reduce to the following simple dyad: "The Orthodox faith is the faith of an ascetic," and all the worldly construction around it belongs to the autocratic Tsar Orthodox. Hence his ideological enemies - all the ideology of secular culture (among them was, and VS. Solovyov), . intellectuals ( "The word of the terrible trial and on contemporary events", . - "Volyn Diocesan Gazette" and separately, . 1905), . Constitutionalists ( "Word on the Te Deum after the elections in the third State Duma, . - "Volyn Diocesan Gazette" and separately, . 1907), . LN,
. Tolstoy ( "The moral teachings in the book of Tolstoy:" The kingdom of God is within you before the tribunal of Christ ", ed. 3rd, . M., . 1902), . Roman Catholicism - is a "wicked and spiritually pernicious heresy" ( "Epistle to the clergy of the diocese of Volhynia, 1902, . 1905, . 1906), . defenders of freedom of religion ( "Declaration on Religious Freedom in the VI Department of Pre-Conciliar presence of 19 May 1906", . Pochaev, . 1906),
. His friends - figures such as Kn. Pobedonostsev ( "Letter to Kn. Pobedonostsev in early November 1905 ". - "Volyn Diocesan Gazette" and separately, 1906) and the simple Russian people, with its orthodox "way of life" (Works t. III, page. 394); "On closer relations with the army of pastors and bishops of the church" (Volyn Diocesan Gazette and separately, 1906), "Russian recruit a good reminder of the Orthodox Archbishop" (Moscow, 1909). Archbishop A. not disgraced themselves nor sympathetic Jewish pogroms ( "A word about the events in Chisinau, Kishinev, 1903, and Odessa, 1903), no justification for the death penalty from a Christian point of view (Works, t. III, page. 216 - 217). - Of other works A. issued another: "Conversation with a Christian Mohammedan the truth SW. Trinity "(Volyn Diocesan Gazette and separately, 1903)," The moral sense of the basic Christian doctrines (Volochek Vishny, 1906), "On the Orthodox shepherding" (Moscow, 1906), "The Son of Man" ( "Theological Journal" N 11, 1903). Many sermons and articles he published in "Volyn Diocesan Gazette", "Ecclesiastical Gazette," Missionary Review "and" Bell ". A. Kartashov.

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Anthony (Aleksey Khrapovitsky), photo, biography
Anthony (Aleksey Khrapovitsky), photo, biography Anthony (Aleksey Khrapovitsky)  well-known church leader and writer, photo, biography
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