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Maksim Antonovich

( famous in the 60 years of XIX century critic)

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Biography Maksim Antonovich
Born in 1835 in Kharkov province, comes from the clergy. Educated at the seminary Kharkov and St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Placing in 1859 in the "Contemporary" (N 10) article "What is sometimes called a liberal phrases" on the book Shchapova: "On the Russian Schism staroobryadstva," A. immediately became one of the closest associates of the magazine, placing it first articles and books on philosophy, then a series of extensive critical articles. Of these, the big noise made about the article "Fathers and Sons" by Turgenev - "Asmodeus our time" (1862). In the novel, Turgenev's A. saw an evil and harmful ridicule of the younger generation and with extreme harshness attacked the author, not seeing in his work, or even any artistic merit. In 1861 - 1862 years A. placed as popular articles on science in the People's Reading ", has worked in the 1861 - 1863 years in the" Encyclopedic Dictionary "P.L. Lavrov, and in 1863 led the political department in the "Essays" G.Z. Eliseev. Until the prohibition of "Contemporary" in 1865 A. was one of the closest associates of his, . typing a variety of articles: in 1864 - "Moscow News" and "Voice" (N 1), . "Modern Novels" (the "Troubled Sea" Pisemskiy and "Ghost" Turgenev, . N 4), . Summer Literary Season "(N 7), . in 1865 - "Ethical thinkers and unscrupulous journalists" (N 2), . "Blunders" (N 2 and 4), . "Modern Aesthetic Theory" (N 3), . "Lzherealisty" (N 7), . "Hopes and Fears" (N 8), . "Suemudrie Day" (N 10) and other,
. Most attention is paid to themselves by their sharpness "literary trifle," which were signed by the pseudonym "outsider Satirist and dragged a few books Contemporary" for 1864 - 1865 years. Negative attitude to a number of writers,. particularly attacked the "Russian Word" and its leaders, Pisarev and Zaitseva, as well as on "Time" and "Age", where he wrote Strakhov. After the prohibition of Contemporary A. engaged in translation of natural science books. In 1869, a. reappears in the literature by putting a few articles in the Cosmos and released along with Yu.G.. Zhukovsky, "Materials for the characterization of Russian Literature. Literary explanation Nekrasov ". In this book, A. made with the utmost harshness against his recent ally and fellow Nekrasov, not sparing the dark colors for its delineation. The book caused a hot debate. Then A. a long time away with the critical arena and given the natural sciences, in particular - Geology. A critical activity. resumed only in the second half of 1870. In 1875 - 1876 years in Tiflis Gazette (published. Nikoladze) appeared "St. Petersburg letter" A, in which he attacked the literature of that time, especially in the Fatherland Notes. In 1878 A. long held the position of the first criticism of the "Word". In the same year he published in "Mining Journal": "Glacial hypothesis and glacial phenomena in Finland and Povenetskom County". In 1881, a. again emerged as a critic in The New Review ", which lasted a short time. In 1883 A. joined the State Bank. Over the past 30 years, A. published: "Glacial traces on the island Gohlande" (Protocol VI Congress of Naturalists in 1882), . "According to Schrader's book" A comparative linguistics and prehistory "(" Russian Thought ", . 1887, . N 12), . large study, "Charles Darwin and his theory" (St. Petersburg, . 1896), . "Recollections about the celebration of Belinsky (" Russian Thought ", . 1898, . N 12), . "Arrest Chernyshevskogo" ( "Past", . 1906, . N 3), . about article Rusanov of Laurel "(" Past ", . 1907, . N 4), . "Materials for biography Chernyshevskogo" ( "last years", . 1908, . N 5 - 6); "From the memoirs of Chernyshevsky" ( "Proceedings of the Imperial Free Economic Society", . 1910, . N 1),
. A. belongs to a long series of transfers on the natural sciences, history, philosophy and social sciences. Portfolio A. Geology have scientific value (cm. Chernyshev, "Materials for the study of Devonian deposits). In the first issue of the magazine: "Contemporary", founded in 1911 Amfiteatrov and other writers, A. an article of literary content. - Wed: Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary ', t. I. A. Fomin.

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Maksim Antonovich, photo, biography
Maksim Antonovich, photo, biography Maksim Antonovich  famous in the 60 years of XIX century critic, photo, biography
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