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Ardashev Pavel

( historian)

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Biography Ardashev Pavel
Born in 1865 in the Vyatka province. Educated at Moscow University on History and Philology. From 1896 to 1898 was in foreign travel, working mainly in Paris and some provincial archives of France. The result of this work was a three-volume study of the provincial administration in France before the Revolution, translated (not quite) into French in 1909 under the title: "Les Intendants de province sous Louis XVI" (Paris, 1909). He was assistant professor at the universities: St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk. Thesis master's degree in general history, received in 1901 the department in Yuryev University, where in 1903 moved to the University of St.. Vladimir. In 1906 he defended his thesis for a doctorate in World History. Its main work: "Correspondence of Cicero as a source for the history of Julius Caesar" (Moscow, 1890), "Provincial Administration in France in the last time the old order. Provincial quartermasters' (t. I - Master's thesis, St. Petersburg., 1900; t. II - doctoral dissertation, Kiev, 1906; t. III - Application, in French, Yur'ev, 1903), "Absolute monarchy in the West" (St. Petersburg, 1902), "Praise of Folly, a satire of Erasmus, translated with introduction and notes (Yur'ev, 1902, 2 ed. 1903; 3rd ed., Kiev, 1910); "Month in the French province. From the diary "(Yur'ev, 1903)," The progress in historical science. Inaugural Lecture "(Kiev, 1904)," The administration and public opinion in France before the revolution "(Kiev, 1905)," History of Western Europe in modern times. Supplement to the lectures on world history professor Petrova (St. Petersburg, 1910). Published a series of articles and reviews in various Russian magazines, "Revue Historique", "Revue d'Histoire moderne et contemporaine", "Revue des Etudes franco-russes", as well as in 82-volume "Encyclopedic Dictionary" Brockhaus-Efron. On the main work A. cm. Review Professor Kareeva placed in a "Report on XIII awarding prizes Metropolitan Macarius (St. Petersburg, 1910).

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  • Vladimir Ivanov-Ardashev for Ardashev Pavel
  • Adoption of the great VIDalya about the fact that the name "Ardashev", he says, comes from the name "ardashki" - silk fabric of eastern origin - has long needed clarification. The root of the word "Ardasha - drevneiransky, . translated as "noble guardian of the truth", . any little bit familiar with the history of Iran says, . that the words "ard" (guard), . "Ardasha" and derivatives of them literally permeated all the king's names since the Achaemenid to the Sasanian dynasty and inclusive, . last general would be more correct to call linastiey "Ardashir", . not "Sassanian", . since its founder was the king Ardashir. In Iran there were many cities with the name of Ardashir, . and the word "Ardasha" has become synonymous with the word "tsar",
    . Apparently, in this sense it and it became synonymous with Iranian goods, including textiles. Over time, the royal "ardashka was to mix up the usual" tsarevki ", . and as such got in the Volga, . and then to Russia. The first mention of the names Ardashev in Russia belongs to the late 15 th century, . and they were - Princes, . Tatar and Russian, . and not some far-fetched (by VI Dal) traders eastern consumer goods,
    . And interpret surname Ardashev then, . certainly, . in the spirit of ancient traditions, . ie, as "noble guard." Of course, . Vladimir Ivanovich Dal could not be aware of this, . Noting in his notes a slave in his mid-19 century plebeian name "ardashki and, . respectively, . Ardashev called the name "Merchant",
    . But science does not stand still, . and it is high time to tell the true roots of this ancient family, . not replicate indefinitely in dictionaries and the internet opinion VIDalya, . Although treat him with respect. By the way, . the origin of the name Ardashev, . equally dear to the Tartars, . Russian, . Chechens, . I mentioned in the article "Royal roots of Russian peddlers",
    . I am sure that other researchers have anything to add on this topic. Vladimir Ivanov-Ardashev, historian and essayist, Mr.. Khabarovsk.
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    Ardashev Pavel, photo, biography
    Ardashev Pavel, photo, biography Ardashev Pavel  historian, photo, biography
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