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Arseniev Konstantin

( writer, public and Zemstvo)

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Biography Arseniev Konstantin
photo Arseniev Konstantin
Born January 24, 1837. After graduating from the course in the School of Law, served until 1863 in the Department of the Ministry of Justice. Literary activity began historical articles printed in The Russian Messenger 1858 - 61 years. In 1859 - 60 years was assistant editor based then the Journal of the Ministry of Justice ". In 1862 placed in the "Notes of the Fatherland" series of articles on the British constitution, and at one time in charge of foreign review. At the end of that year took over the department of foreign policy in the St. Petersburg Vedomosti VF. Korsch, which left the public service. In 1864, a. went abroad and spent two semesters at Bonn University listened to the lectures of history, philosophy and political economy. In 1866 - 67 years was published redacted his translation of "Stories of the French Revolution, Minya, in his preface. Since the introduction of legal regulations, a. In 1866 he joined the number of barristers District of St. Petersburg of the Chamber and the identity of all the time in that position was a member of the Board of barristers and six years as its chairman. By this time they are published three books: The trial and subsequent course of criminal proceedings before a judicial investigation "(St. Petersburg, 1870)," The Court Investigation "(St. Petersburg, 1871) and" Notes on the Russian legal profession "(St. Petersburg , 1875). Last essay is devoted to review of the Board of barristers district court in St. Petersburg Chamber and Reception of the general issues of ethics law relating to both ways of doing things, and the choice of. In 1874 A. composition of the bar and joined fellow Procurator Civil Cassation Department of the Senate, in 1880 he was appointed a member of the consultations with the Ministry of Justice. In 1880 - 1881 years was a senior official with Senator I.I. Shamshina during the audit of the last provinces of Saratov and Samara, and the responsibilities of a. lay mainly study the split, the elementary school and district institutions. Having finished his share of work on the audit, A. In April 1882 the second time he retired and devoted himself to literary work. Earlier, after the ground "Messenger of Europe, he joined the staff, put it in a number of articles on the socio-political, legal and historical, and he made his debut in the role of literary critic. On March 1, 1880 A. took over the management of internal reviews "The Messenger of Europe, and from 1882 to 1905 led to it and social chronicle. In 1909, after moving the publication The Messenger of Europe "by MM. Stasyulevich to MM. Kovalevsky, A. assumed overall responsibility and editorial board. In the field of literary criticism A. belongs to a series of sketches on Saltykov, Gleb Uspensky, Krestovsky (pseudonym), Nekrasov, Apollo Maikova, Polonsky, Fet, Nadson, Garshin etc.. Most of these articles was included in the separately published his book: "Critical studies in Russian literature" (St. Petersburg, 1888). He also owns a number of sketches of Western novelist: Freitag, Shpilgagene, Auerbach, Victor Hugo, Flaubert, Zola, Daudet, Goncourt, and other. Since 1867 A. repeatedly been chosen to the committee members of the literary fund, and in 1889 - 91 years was chairman of its. Since the establishment in the "Union of Writers' court of honor, A. consistently been elected to its membership, in 1908 - 10 years was a member of the court of honor, elected by the Congress of Writers. Since 1880 a lot of time was chosen in the district and provincial councilors, honorable justices of the peace, members of district and provincial councils and instituted other posts Zemsky government of St. Petersburg Province and the Luga district. Participated in zemstvo congresses 1904 and 1905 years. One three-year period (1904 - 6) was the vowel of the St. Petersburg City Council and a member of the city commission on national education. By joining the Law Society in St. Petersburg. University at its very basis (1877), A. introduced in it many abstracts, presided at one time in the civilian, later - in the administration of his office, and in 1907 - 09 years was chairman of its. From 1900 to 1903 was vice-president of the Free Economic Society. Since the end of 1891 A. edited together with Professor F.F. Petrushevsky "Collegiate Dictionary", published by "Brockhaus-Efron", and since 1910, is editor of this "New Encyclopedic Dictionary". In 1900 he was elected an honorary member of the category of belles-lettres of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. In 1903 he published a book by A.: "Legislation on the Press," in 1904 - "Freedom of conscience and toleration," in 1906 - "Saltykov-Shchedrin (ed. "Torch"). In 1907, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the literary and social activities of A., he was awarded the Council of St. Petersburg University the honorary degree of doctor of public law and was elected an honorary member of the Moscow and Kazan universities.

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Arseniev Konstantin, photo, biography
Arseniev Konstantin, photo, biography Arseniev Konstantin  writer, public and Zemstvo, photo, biography
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