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Askoldov Sergei Alekseevich (Alexeev)

( talented philosopher)

Comments for Askoldov Sergei Alekseevich (Alexeev)
Biography Askoldov Sergei Alekseevich (Alexeev)
(born in 1871). In his main work: "The main problem of epistemology and ontology" (1900) A. serves defender of metaphysics as the science of truly their existing. His view is best can be described as a kind of synthesis leybnitseanstva with empiricism (empirical monadology). The soul is the substantial unity of the effective joint activity of our 'psychic experiences. As nonextensional, "simple" unity of the soul eo ipso is not only the substance, but the prototype of the concept of substance, which we, therefore, for the first time he derived each of the direct personal experience. My "I" is not a simple "form of consciousness" and "carrier" state of mind and change, which has a creative activity. Soul of improved development in his capacity: to test the new state of consciousness (complexity), . become more intense in their manifestations (intensity) and lead all its content to more and more coordinated relationship (harmony),
. But in the world there is not one "I". Solipsism - confusing as the materialism. Without me there is peace, the true essence of his spiritual. First, . on the basis of legitimate opinion on the analogy, . belief arises, . that the bodies of other people, . as is evident from their expressions, . spiritual being connected, . like our, . which appears to us "by a new basic unit, . never merge into its separate existence with our own consciousness ",
. Doubts about the reality of others "I" is not well grounded. From the standpoint of solipsism inexplicable opportunity for me to anticipate the actions of others. Similarly, the solipsist can not explain the facts of aesthetic reincarnated, he has to assert that "Victor Hugo, creating his Quasimodo, started my own self, that Shakespeare portrayed himself in Kalibane and t. e. ". But some people are animated, and we have every reason to extend our conclusions by analogy, by the continuity of the organized world of animals and plants. World unorganized at first glance, differs radically from the world of organized. But "mask deadness" unorganized world is an illusion, animate coarseness of our senses. Nothing prevents us spread the principle of animation for all the individuals of nature, to a meaningful atom and particle air inclusive. Spatio-temporal world of the senses is only extended individual perspective image extradimensional world of spiritual beings - souls from the souls of ether atoms to the human soul and the latter to the planetary souls "superhuman beings". This series ends with the world soul, the appropriate space as a whole. Its existence, however, permissible hypothetically, but not apodictic. Soul interact among themselves through the merger: "under the interaction we mean this does not destroy the identity of the interacting entities merge them, . in which the state of one continuously goes into a different, . change accordingly when passing from one sphere to another ",
. In this book, A. belongs to a number of interesting articles and valuable critical notes: "The theory of modern criticism" ( "Problems of Philosophy and Psychology", . N 74, . 75), . "In defense of the miraculous" ( "Problems of Philosophy and Psychology), . "Thinking as objectively due process" ( "Problems of Philosophy and Psychology"), . analysis of theses and,
. Lapshin: "The laws of thought and forms of knowledge", and H. Lossky: "Justification intuitionism" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1906, . N 10, . and 1907, . N 7); "About love and the people" ( "Problems of Philosophy and Psychology", . N 86), . "Christianity and politics" ( "Proceedings of the Kiev Theological Academy", . N 6 and 7, . 1906, . separately),
. In the 82-volume "Encyclopedic Dictionary" Brockhaus-Efron A. published several articles, of which the most significant: "Teichmiiller," "Fantasia", "Fichte Junior", "Fechner", "Schelling," Ethics, "" I "(in philosophy)," immanent philosophy ". I. Lapshin.

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Askoldov Sergei Alekseevich (Alexeev), photo, biography
Askoldov Sergei Alekseevich (Alexeev), photo, biography Askoldov Sergei Alekseevich (Alexeev)  talented philosopher, photo, biography
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