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Askochenskaya Victor Ipatevich

( Writer)

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Biography Askochenskaya Victor Ipatevich
(1813 - 79), son of a priest. He studied at the Voronezh Theological Seminary, after graduating from the Kiev Theological Academy with master's degrees. was a bachelor at the same Academy on the faculty patrologist. In 1846 he left teaching and was appointed adviser to the provincial government in Zhitomir, in 1849, translated in Kamenetz-Podolsk in the position of conscientious judge and correcting chaired the Civil Chamber. In 1851 A. was forced to resign. A. was not happy in their personal and family life in the service, he was disliked because of his heavy, not disdain denunciations temper. The fury of a loser. suffered in his literary career. Since the middle of 1858 A. began to publish famed for his extreme obscurantism weekly newspaper "Home Interview". Initially the newspaper was intended for people (the task of the newspaper delivered to "give lessons of morality and rules of the Russian people"), but since 1859 its format was increased and the program expanded. From N 20 in 1860 appeared in the newspaper department "Sequins and ashes". Here, under the pretext of defending orthodoxy and the struggle with unbelief, A. with the fury of the fanatic and obscurantist attack on science, European culture and every progressive movement in public life. Meanwhile, as can be seen from the printed after his death, "Diary" waged by a. from 1835 to 1857 and printed in "Historical Messenger (1882, I - IX vols., with a foreword F. Bulkova), a world. in his younger years was far from obscurantism and hobbies clerical and conservative ideas. In the Diary of A. up in arms against the monks, . which belongs to the leading role in the academic teaching, . and which he denounces as "black geniuses, . representatives hardened quietism; negatively related to positions and other religious rites; recognized, . that while, . when he lectured at the Kiev Academy, . he was considered in the eyes of the spiritual authority "Carbonaro" and was "to conceal his lectures on the unreasonable jealousy of inquisitors monks",
. All this has not prevented a. become a bitter enemy of all seeking a way to light and freedom. If in his articles A. one can not deny a certain percentage of literary talent - his diatribes against liberal trends were not without some sarcasm and caustic wit - something in his literary works is not a trace of artistic talent, taste and sense of proportion. He wrote poetry ( "Collected Poems", 1846), fables, novels and short stories, drama ( "schoolgirl", 1847, "Martha Governor's Wife", 1870) and satirical essays. Notoriety was his only novel, "Asmodeus our time" (1858), a caricature depicting the progressive strata of Russian society and exposing them to the immorality and atheism. He owns two other books of historical content: "Kiev with its ancient School - Academy" (1856) and "History of the Kiev Theological Academy on its transformation in 1819" (1863), . and "Reading for the Orthodox people" (1860), . Letters Zvonar and other moralizing stories,
. In late 1877 he was mentally ill, and "Home Interview", dragged out a miserable existence in recent years, ceased.

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Askochenskaya Victor Ipatevich, photo, biography
Askochenskaya Victor Ipatevich, photo, biography Askochenskaya Victor Ipatevich  Writer, photo, biography
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