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Bagaley Dmitri Ivanovich

( historian and archaeologist)

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Biography Bagaley Dmitri Ivanovich
photo Bagaley Dmitri Ivanovich
Born October 26, 1857 in Kiev, in the Little Russian middle-class family. I listened to lectures on the historical-philological faculty of the Kiev and Kharkov Universities. Upon its completion, the candidate was left to prepare for a professorship in Russian history at the University of Kiev. Since 1883 lectures on Russian history at Kharkov University, first as associate professor, and upon receipt of the degree of doctor - as a professor (since 1908 - Honored). In 1906 he was elected rector of the university for three years, and in 1909 approved in the same rank for the new triennium. He was secretary and chairman of the sections on archaeological congresses, chairman of the Committee prior to the device Kharkov Archaeological Congress, the chairman of its Scientific Committee and Yekaterinoslav Congress. In the Moscow archives of the Ministry of Justice and Foreign Affairs has opened a lot of historical documents, and from the Rumyantsev Museum (his handwriting Branch) drew no published GS handwritten essays. Pans; in Poltava opened part of the archive malorossiyskoy Board and Rumyantsev inventory Malorussia. Excavated mounds in Saltov, Yankovke and Alekseyevka; in with. Baba opened the ancestral archive Doncov-Zaharzhevskih, Shcherbinin and Kropotkin. Since 1883 in charge of Kharkiv Historical Archives; gave it three new department - Poltava, Kharkiv and papers of local leaders; marked the beginning of its reference library. He was the chief editor of the university anniversary editions ( "Biographical Dictionary" and the stories of scientists and educational support institutions of the University). Since 1897, commissioned by the city council, is the story of Mr.. Kharkov. At the opening of the monument NV. Gogol in Moscow delivered a speech on the methods of his work, after the death of LN. Tolstog about - about his attitude to GS. Skovoroda. With the opening of the higher female rates in Kharkiv began to read to them systematic lectures. The first volume of his collected "materials for the history of colonization and life of the steppe margin of the Moscow State" marked the beginning of the Kharkov editions of History and Philology of the Company. Received from the Academy of Sciences, two awards and honorary Count Uvarov tip for "Essays on the history of colonization" and "Experience the history of Kharkov University, I". 12 years was chairman of the Kharkov Public Library and chairman of the committee on publishing books for the people. Consists vowel of the Kharkov City Council. As a member of the State Council of the Academy of Sciences and Russian universities from 9 April to July 1906. Over 30 years of scientific work published over 200 papers. Of these, the most extensive: 1) "History Seversk land up to half of XIV century (K., . 1882); 2) "Sketches from the history of colonization and life" (M., . 1887); 3) "The colonization of the Novorossiysk Territory" (K., . 1889); 4) "New Historian Little Russia (St. Petersburg, . 1891); 5) "On the history of doctrines about the life of the ancient Slavs" (K., . 1892); 6) "On the history of settlement and economic life of the Kursk and Voronezh provinces" (St. Petersburg, . 1896); 7) "Ukrainian Antiquity" (Kharkov, . 1896); 8 - 9) "Experience the history of the Kharkov University of unreleased material, T,
. I, Kharkov, 1898; t. II, Kharkov, 1904, 10) "A Brief History of Kharkov University (jointly with Professor. VP. Buzeskulom and N.F. Sumtsova, Kharkov, 1906); 11) "Archaeological Map of Kharkov province" (Kharkov, 1905); 12) "The History of Mr.. Kharkov for 250 years of its existence ", t. I-th (Kharkov, 1905), 13 - 14) "Russian history" (h. 1 st, Kharkov, 1909; h. 2-I, Kharkov, 1911); 15) "Sketches of Russian history. T. 1 st. Articles on the history of education "(Kharkov, 1911). Full list of his scientific works, with a biography, in XX volume "Compendium of the Kharkiv Historical-Philological Society.

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Bagaley Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography
Bagaley Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography Bagaley Dmitri Ivanovich  historian and archaeologist, photo, biography
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