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BAZILI Konstantin

( Writer, diplomat)

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Biography BAZILI Konstantin
Albanian-born Greek, born in 1809 in Constantinople, . initial education in his father's house, . famous Greek patriot, . who for his patriotic action in early 1821 was sentenced to death by the Turks, . but, . with the assistance of the Russian ambassador at the Turkish court, . Baron Stroganoff, . escaped a few hours before execution, . first in Trieste, . and thence to Odessa,
. His family, consisting of his wife and five children, and self-reference, remained some time in Constantinople, from which he escaped only by a happy coincidence of circumstances. Father's house a young B. was the beginning of a good classical education, and in 1822 was adopted by a school of higher sciences Bezborodko, where in 1827 moved to the Richelieu Lyceum. In 1830, counting with the help of the Russian embassy to find the remains of his father, went to Turkey and Greece, where he joined Secretary of the diplomatic line under Admiral Ricordi, head of the Russian fleet in Greek waters. In 1833, B. moved to St. Petersburg and entered the service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1837 was sent to the Caucasus and was appointed secretary of the commission to draw up regulations on the management of the Transcaucasian edge. In 1838 he returned to St. Petersburg and a year later received a very important appointment as Consul to Syria and Palestine: in 1844 was renamed the consuls general and remained in that position, . Living in Beirut, . and sometimes in Jerusalem, . before the opening of the Turkish war in 1853, . when he was summoned to St. Petersburg to study in the Asian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
. Then was when the Russian envoy at the conference in Vienna in 1855, and at the Paris Congress in 1856 with representatives of Russia, Prince AO. Orlov. Immediately upon his return to St. Petersburg, B. received instruction even more important: he was appointed commissioner in Russian international commission, organized in Constantinople, to draw up new regulations and partly political civil unit of Moldavia and Wallachia. Since 1860 B. settled in Odessa, where he devoted himself to public affairs, and within 3 years was chairman of Congress, justices of the peace Odessa County. Political questions, however, still interested in the old diplomat, and in the stormy times of the Berlin conference, he published in Paris without the name a few pamphlets, entitled: "Questions du jour". Died B. 10 th February 1884. Literary works are devoted to East, . with whom he had a close look at its rich adventure of life: "Archipelago and Greece in 1830 - 31 year" (2 hours, . Petersburg., . 1834), "Sketches of Constantinople" (St. Petersburg, . 1835, . 2 hours); "Bosphorus and new essays of Constantinople (St. Petersburg, . 1836, . 2 hours), "Syria and Palestine under the Turkish Government, . the historical and political relations "(Odessa, . 1862, 2 ed., . Petersburg., . 1875) and other,
. In addition, he wrote several works of diplomatic content and was one of the staff of the first Russian encyclopaedia Plouchard.

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BAZILI Konstantin, photo, biography
BAZILI Konstantin, photo, biography BAZILI Konstantin  Writer, diplomat, photo, biography
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