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Backlund Oscar A.

( astronomer, ordinary academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences)

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Biography Backlund Oscar A.
photo Backlund Oscar A.
born April 16, 1846 near r. Karlstad, in the Swedish province of Vцгrmland. After graduating from the course of classical gymnasium in Stockholm (1866), he took a course in mathematics at Uppsala University professors Svaneberga, WILD, Ongstrema, Dauge, Dalnera and Schultz. Having become acquainted with Vakerbortom, Uppsala Observatory astronomer, B. with his leadership engaged in astronomy. The case has encouraged the very first steps on the curiosity of a young mathematician. In studies calculating cometary orbits and Schweitzer (1849) B. was himself to carry out observations and using 9-inch refractor made a discovery: Paul Henri saw comet. This successful п©п+я+пTп+п+п+ was decided further direction of scientific activity Baklund, since almost exclusively devoted to the computation of cometary orbits. Home affairs forced B. take place in 1872, director of technical schools in Lyulendome near Gotenborga. But next year B. gained a place at the observatory assistant at Stockholm. Here, he handled his thesis: "On the planet of Iphigenia" ( "Berokning af relativa storinger for Planeten (112) Iphigenia"), for which recognized Doctor of Philosophy (1875) and defined an assistant professor of astronomy at Uppsala University. A year later (1876) B. received in Dorpat place astronomer, and in 1879 made an associate astronomer at Pulkovo Observatory. In 1883 elected an academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of the place of AN. Savich, adopted Russian citizenship, and since 1887 has left Pulkovo, moved to St. Petersburg. In 1895 he was appointed director of the Pulkovo Observatory. Major Works B. relate to the theory of motion of Comet Encke. Here he continued to work and Astena initially confirmed that open astronomer resistance interplanetary medium. Then, calculate B. showed that the comet undergoes resistance in only one part of its orbit, perhaps, meets a stream of meteorites. The principal of belonging here memoir B.: "Zur Theorie des Enckeschen Kometen" (1883); "Comet Encke 1865 - 85" (1886); "Calculs et recherches sur la Comete Encke" (1892 - 98, . Six issues, given the perturbation calculation of the comet during the period 1819 - 1892 пЁп+п¦п¦); "La Comete d'Encke 1891 - 1908" (three issues, . 1908 - 1911),
. Himself B., his assistants or under his leadership, predicted and handled all the appearance of a comet. Academy of Sciences decided to call in their editions of this comet Encke-Backlund ". The theory of the motion of minor planets, . mean motion is commensurable with the motion of Jupiter, . include the work of BA: "Untersuchungen uber Bewegung einer Gruppe der kleinen Planeten" (1892); "Bewegungen der kleinen Planeten Hecuba Typus" (1898),
. Other memoirs B. relate to integrating the equations encountered in celestial mechanics, and the expansion of the disturbing function. For practical astronomy major of his memoirs: "Untersuchungen uber d. Pulkowaer Meridiankreis "(1888). B. participated in the expedition in 1889 to study in Lapland. Partly under his leadership and with his direct participation was organized and completed surveying company - measuring the meridian arc in Svalbard (1898 - 1900 years).

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Backlund Oscar A., photo, biography
Backlund Oscar A., photo, biography Backlund Oscar A.  astronomer, ordinary academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, photo, biography
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