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Bakradze Dimitri Z.

( famous Georgian historian and archaeologist)

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Biography Bakradze Dimitri Z.
born 1826, died 1890. At the end of the course at the Moscow Theological Academy, had devoted himself to his homeland. From his works deserves special attention compiled his "History of Georgia in the Georgian language. He wanted her to translate into Russian, but death prevented him to bring this desire into execution. As an archaeologist, B. acquired a reputation not only here but also abroad his classic essay "The Caucasus in the ancient monuments of Christianity". Bakradze described 321 Christian monument in the Caucasus, where he gives the history of each monument, describes all the sights and the literature indicates the subject. This major work was published in 1875. Bakradze over the past 15 years has collected a wealth of material to supplement their labor, but unfortunately, the lack of funds did not allow him to publish it suitably supplemented. One time B. was the secretary of the Chamber and them edit a remarkable collection of laws Georgian King Vakhtang issued A.S. Frenkel. The first five volumes of acts Caucasian Archaeography Commission issued with the active participation of B. He belonged to them, and Russian translations of Georgian acts. He took an active part in the writings of V Archaeological Congress and made a few interesting essays. He also belongs to the organization of the Caucasian society amateur archeology, which he was the soul. In his writings, as well as in many newspapers and magazines in the Caucasus (in Russian and Georgian languages) placed a lot of articles B. on history, archeology and t. d. Caucasian. According to him, and with the assistance of enlightened honorary member of the Archaeological Institute - Exarch of Georgia Palladio, opened the Church History Museum in Tiflis at Zion Cathedral. For 1 1 / 2 years before his death B. was appointed head of the museum and during his travels brought him to many precious antiquities. Imperial Academy of Sciences, appreciating the merits of BI, elected him to their corresponding members, and is on its request made several trips to the Caucasus and Turkey. Reports published in his Memoirs of the Academy. Archaeological Institute, and many learned societies have chosen B. its member. The final difficulty B. were given a note on the preservation of ancient monuments in the Caucasus, presented to them in the Imperial Archaeological Commission (over 100 pages of written). Consisting chairman of the committee to end the caste LAND issue in parts of the Caucasus region with the military and the national administration, B. had a great service to its home. After the annexation of Kars and Batumi regions of Russia raised the issue of ownership in these areas. The papers were from Turkey and several years of diplomatic negotiations were carried on the return of documents, but they led nowhere. Then send B. in Constantinople, as it is during his travels in Turkey was well acquainted with its manners. A few months later he delivered the whole thousands of documents. Russian government had to pay only copyists. B. enjoyed tremendous popularity not only among Georgians, but also Russian. Despite the bad weather, his coffin was escorted all Tiflis.

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Bakradze Dimitri Z., photo, biography
Bakradze Dimitri Z., photo, biography Bakradze Dimitri Z.  famous Georgian historian and archaeologist, photo, biography
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