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Bantysh-Nikolay Kamensky

( One of the great figures of Russian science)

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Biography Bantysh-Nikolay Kamensky
photo Bantysh-Nikolay Kamensky
Born in Nizhin December 16, 1737. He studied at the academies of Kiev and Moscow, and then at Moscow State University, along with Potemkin, Markov and Bulgakov. Still a student, translated the first part of "Stories of Peter the Great, Voltaire. In 1765 he was appointed assistant manager of the Moscow archives, historian Miller, under whose leadership engaged in sorting out and describing the ancient instruments that were hitherto neglected, in damp basements. In 1766 he made, on behalf of Miller, for the Empress Catherine II, six treatises (manuscript) on various matters of historical and diplomatic. In 1780, . 1781 and 1784 respectively, he was "diplomatic meeting between Russia's Affairs and the Polish courts, . the very beginning of the add-on in 1700 ", . after which it was determined the second control file and made "daily note" (in thirteen volumes) for all Board of Foreign Affairs from 1727 to 1738, . as well as the news of the archived papers,
. Was engaged in maintaining a "diplomatic meetings between Rossiyskim Affairs and the Chinese state, from 1619 to 1792". This work, which was sent to the Collegium of Foreign Affairs, has been neglected and was not presented to the Empress. In 1794, AB-Kamensky received instructions from the sovereign to give her details about the Uniates. In 1797 he graduated from the description of cases of Greek ecclesiastical and secular persons, the Chinese court, Moldavia and Wallachia. In 1798, he described the affairs of the exits of foreigners to Russia, and the next year was "Register and the description of Little Russia and Tatar affairs". In 1800, confirmed as the manager of the Moscow archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1800, BI-Kamensky was "Short diplomatic news about mutual between Russia's monarchs and European powers embassies, . Correspondence and Contracts, . stored state of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow archive, . from 1481 to 1800 ", . in 4 volumes,
. On behalf of the Chancellor, Count. Ap. Vorontsov, . BA-Kamensky worked composing the "Act on Russia and the imperial title and the compilation of" Extracts from the Conference of Foreign Ministries, . stationed at Russia's backyard ", . as well as "Extracts from all conferences, . former foreign ministers in Russia, . households: Austrian Cesarsky, . English, . gishpanskogo, . Dutch state, . Danish, . Prussian, . French and Swedish, . from 1742 to 1762 ",
. In 1805, followed by permission for the publication of his "History of Union". His other works: description of the Turkish court cases, . border with Poland, . Serbian, . Slavic and other neighboring nations, . and Asian, . "Register for Former between Russia and Prussia war since 1756 to 1768", . description of cases of the reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, . "Alphabet of all incoming and outgoing for archive, . from 1720 to 1811 years "(94 books archive files),
. A few days before the French into Moscow, B. Kamensky, placing records in 105 boxes and baskets, went with them from Moscow to Vladimir, first, and then in Nizhny Novgorod, where he learned that the archive of the building survived. In January 1813 BA-Kamensky with archival papers returned to Moscow and went on to continue to go to the Archives' for the only - he said - that among the treasures of this rebuilding upadayuschee health, and with it extinguished the life ". The last work he composed in preparation for publication "State charters and treaties," before they are described and listed in chronological order, of which the first part was published in the light under his supervision in 1813. January 20, 1814 he died. They were published many academic books, which is particularly needed when seminaries. Some of them he made additions. He studied and translated, killed in 1812 along with a collection of his letters to different persons and with the answers the last. He also participated in various scientific enterprises: in the "Ancient Russia Vivliofike", in "Geographical dictionary Rossiyskogo State", in "Acts of Peter the Great" Golikov and other. He gave archive 30 manuscripts, among which were: known Arhivskogo - "Chronicler of Rostov, which was guided by Karamzin," Power Book Russia's history "," Pskov Chronicler. For the first time in 1841 (in Russian Messenger ") and in 1860 - 62 years (in the" Readings of the Society of Friends "), a small part of systematic BA-Kamensky historical documents got into print. And only in 1894 - 1902 respectively issued by the Moscow archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 4 vols., Under the supervision and with the additions SA. Belokurova, "Review of External Relations of Russia (in 1800), compiled by NN. BA-Kamensky; cm. more "diplomatic meeting between the Minister and the Chinese Rossiyskim States from 1619 to 1792 ', composed by him (Kazan, 1882). Correspondence Rumyantsev and BN-Kamensky about the collection of state charters and treaties published in the book Kochubinskogo: Admiral Shishkov and Chancellor Rumyantsev; letter B. Kamensky, the prince Kurakin (1791 - 95 years) were published in "Russian Archive", . 1876, . III; his correspondence with Count Rostopchina and Obrezkova in 1812 on the archive - in "Russian Archive", . 1875, . t,
. III; "From notebook BA-Kamensky" in the "Compendium of the chief of the Moscow archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", No.. 6 (Moscow, 1899).

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Bantysh-Nikolay Kamensky, photo, biography
Bantysh-Nikolay Kamensky, photo, biography Bantysh-Nikolay Kamensky  One of the great figures of Russian science, photo, biography
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