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Biography BARANOVSKY Stepan
born December 21, 1817 in the village Kapustina, . Myshkin district of Yaroslavl province, . initial education in the Chernigov High School, . in 1833 adopted a number of students kazennokoshtnyh Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg University, . on the category of oriental languages, . In 1836 he was appointed teacher of history and statistics in Pskov, . and in 1842 he was transferred in the 2 St. Petersburg High School,
. In the same year became a professor of Russian at the University of Helsingfors. In Finland, B. stayed until 1863 and, except for a professorial position, held since 1855 censorship. After moving to St. Petersburg in order to guide the work on some of his inventions, B. about 3 years was an official for special assignments in the State Comptroller, . and then some, he was chief inspector of schools in Western Siberia since 1868 BS, . ranked among the various ministries, . No job is no longer held, . and in 1881 finally left the service,
. B. man of rare diversity of abilities: He knew not only the main European languages, . but in addition to Swedish, . Danish, . Polish, . Finnish, . Arabic, . Turkish and Persian, . wrote almost all branches of knowledge: in linguistics, . literary history, . theology, . Geography, . Statistics, . Medicine, . mechanics and geometry, . was rail projects, . published maps, . invention did,
. In addition to the mass of articles in various magazines and newspapers, he shall enjoy the following works: "A Guide to the initial study of the Russian language" (Helsinki, 1846, there is a Swedish edition), "Historical Atlas of the Ancient World" (St. Petersburg, 1843, 3 edition. SPb., 1850), "Short atlas" (St. Petersburg, 1845, 2 nd Ed. SPb., 1857), "The initial reason of geography" (St. Petersburg, 1853), "Hygiene" (St. Petersburg, 1860 - the first popular book in Russian on this subject) and other. B. made a number of projects of the Central Asian railways, and one of his note on this subject was reported to the Minister of Communications of the late emperor, and one of the first B. talked about the laying of the Siberian railway. From inventions B. it should be noted planimeter and putemer. More successful experiments did not follow many other inventions B.: submarine, . built under his supervision and with the assistance of his eldest son, . Vladimir Stepanovich, . famous inventor of high-velocity guns later without rollback, . as well as the most important invention of his, . has as its subject better ways to squeeze the air and the force of compressed air to the movement of vehicles,
. Prostroenny them "brass scooter Baranowski, drove in 1862 for some time a small train on the Nicholas Railway, but by enrolling in the disposal of the Naval Ministry, the invention is there and hushed. As thoughts and compiled on the basis of crime statistics in Finland in Helsingfors emerged "society of moderation", . chose him as their chairman and caused many companies to a life of sobriety, . the number of which Finland is considered one of the first countries in the world,
. At the basis of "Society for the Protection of Animals" B. was chairman of the Organizing Committee. In the 60 years he thought was founded a shelter for women coming out of prisons and hospitals, and he was the first suggested the need to establish a shelter in St. Petersburg lodging (on B. see details. Dictionary Vengerov, t. II).

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