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Barantsevich Casimir S.

( novelist)

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Biography Barantsevich Casimir S.
photo Barantsevich Casimir S.
Born in 1851 in St. Petersburg and his mother a Frenchwoman, the father of a Pole, an old noble family, though quite Russified. He studied in II school, where all his life brought a close friendship with Al'bov. Carried away by literary interests, fought off school life, which in the fourth grade at all left. At the same time evident and public sympathy BA, affecting first in a kind narodnichane, and later culminated in a bright some sympathy for those who die "under the yoke" (as titled first collection of his stories). Since 1870, when his father died and the hands of B. continues to be a mother, began for him hard, working life. Had to work 15 - 16 hours for insignificant remuneration. Later B. served on the board of St. Petersburg. horse railways. In 1873 he was converted into a drama in blank verse "Silver Prince" Al. Tolstoy ( "Oprichina") was placed in Alexandrinsky theater, but many years had to endure hardship. These living conditions have increased that melancholy note, which is the basis of his talent. In 1874 B. first debuted in the print story: "One of our old friends," which passed unnoticed, then began to write constantly, and many. The story "broke the string" ( "Word", 1878) led him into the ranks of professional writers, and novels and short stories B. began to appear in the "Cause", . Vestnik Evropy, . Fatherland Notes, . Russian Thought, . The Northern Messenger, . Trud, . "Picturesque Review", . "Common sense", . "World Pictures", . Newswatch, . "Russian Gazette" and other, much of them was included in the collections, . published under various titles: "Under the yoke" (1885), . "Broken strings (1886), . "Little Stories" (1887), . "New Stories" (1889), . "Old and New" (1890) also mention the novels "Slave" (1888), . "Quiet Happiness" (1897), . "In the Wild North" (1895), . "Two wives" (1894), . "Ill Blood" (1900), . "Wrestlers" (1896), . "Free Dreams" (1904),
. Many wrote to B. and for children (in the "Spring", "Sincerely" and other publications); separately published, among other things, "Spring Fairy Tales" (1894), "Golden Days" (1902). B. not strong in the types, - says SA. Vengerov - he was unable to enter the gallery Russian literary types of any particular person ... Literary talent B. becomes noticeable only when the need to convey to the reader the mood ... Tale B. written in the style of the old landscape and strongly reminiscent of the Age of Romanticism. In weak admixture of works by his romanticism and makes them weak, but more successful, she said the warmth, which should be recognized as the best part of his talent. Not always satisfy the reader on the vitality and brightness of actors, undefined, like twilight brushwork B. with great skill types into those responsive to human suffering mood under the influence of which had the majority of his novels ". Gray heroes urban commonplace found in B. talented bytopisatelya. - Complete Works (14 tons) B. published since 1911 (publication of the Association Marx), his autobiography cm. y SA. Vengerov ( "critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scientists," t. II, ibid, and evaluation) and in the collection F.F. Fiedler, "The first literary steps" (Moscow, 1911). O B. cm. - KK. Arseniev, . "Russian novelists of the new generation" (Journal of Europe ", . 1884, . N 4), . "Recent Fiction" (Journal of Europe ", . 1887, . N 12), . Trend form of fiction "(Journal of Europe", . 1889, . N 4) and "Critical studies", . t.II; A., . "On the 25 th anniversary of the literary activity of B." ( "Life", . 1899, . N 2), NK,
. Michael ( "Works", t. V, "Under the yoke"); п░.п°. Skabichevsky, "History of Contemporary Russian Literature. N. L-p.

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Barantsevich Casimir S., photo, biography
Barantsevich Casimir S., photo, biography Barantsevich Casimir S.  novelist, photo, biography
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