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Baratashvili Nicholas Melitonovich

( Prince, Georgian poet)

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Biography Baratashvili Nicholas Melitonovich
Born October 22, 1816, died Oct. 9, 1845 in Yelizavetpol. In 1893 his remains transported to Tbilisi and brought to burial in the church Didube. October 9, 1905 consecrated the monument at his grave in the presence of deputations from all parts of Georgia and agencies. B. - One of the most talented and popular Georgian poets. Naturally gifted with a burning gift of oratorical speech and poetic fire, he faded in the prime of life, far from home, among the Tatar population, invested the role of the district administrator. Childhood B. passed under the yoke of harsh family despotism, adolescence was overshadowed by the reduced circumstances, barred his way to university education. For military service, he turned out to be unusable, as during the dance broke his leg and was left permanently lame. The collapse of the first of his hopes was the embryo of the indignant murmur, which is permeated with creativity "Georgian Byron". The father of the poet, an official with the vassals of the Caucasian, and her mother, an educated woman, which her brother, the poet, Prince Grigory Orbeliani dedicated heartfelt poem, lived openly and squandered a vast fortune. Nineteen-poet, has written a bench at the high school is not extant poem Iveriytsy ", was due clerical officer in the expedition of the court and the massacre in Tbilisi. Leading the scattered way of life, he soon felt "orphan souls". Gore compares it with nature, which he depicts it with a graceful gentleness, with a melancholy sadness in the poem: "Twilight at Mount St.. David ". Dream it quickly disperse, turning to the spiritual wounds. A moment's comfort associated with bitterness, he finds only in the memories of the past: "But my heart at that moment in my chest still hurts beat when I remember the happiness, lost for ever" ( "The severe wind blew"). Mental adversities and unhappy thoughts in the form of emptiness that prevailed in the surrounding society, overcast all impulses and aspirations of the poet. They possessed a rebellious spirit of doubt: "Tell me who called you, the fate of my evil genius, so my life and thoughts forever otravitN" ( "Evil Genius"). "What is human life, if not unfathomable, not napolnimy sosudN Where is the one who would be content with the fact that just turned his cherished zhelanieN!" Unable to find in anyone of participation and the echo of its concerns, B. turns to religion and pours out his feelings of sorrow in "Prayer": "Oh, my God, to behold the son of a sinner, and fierce passions of my silenced!" Another example of emotion, he gave in the poem "I found in the desert the divine temple". The consolation he drew in the hope of eventual triumph of good over evil, the reconciliation of humanity with God and nature. In the poem "Hyacinth and a stranger, he holds the idea that everyone should act in accordance with nature and with his appointment. The climax of his work is the poem "Pegasus" (Wed. "Faris" Mickiewicz), which found a brilliant expression of a stubborn dispute with the waves of this life and selfless service to the civilian flag. - In the Russian translation of his works are in collections of poems I.F. Tchorszewski, V.L. Velichko, IN. Lebedeva L. Kipiani, T. Bekhanovoy, kn. S. Amiradzhibi and other. Overview of his life and work - in "Essays on the history of Georgian literature", A.S. Hahanova, No.. IV (Moscow, 1907), and "Life of outstanding people of Georgia" (N 1, Tbilisi, 1905). A. Khakhanov.

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Baratashvili Nicholas Melitonovich, photo, biography
Baratashvili Nicholas Melitonovich, photo, biography Baratashvili Nicholas Melitonovich  Prince, Georgian poet, photo, biography
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