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BARKOV Ivan Semenovich

( Translator and poet, who gave his name `illegal` literary genre barkovschiny ``)

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Biography BARKOV Ivan Semenovich
photo BARKOV Ivan Semenovich
Born in 1732 in the priest's family, was adopted by a number of students in the academic university. Studied B. fine; behavior was, . as one of the academicians, . "medium-sized practices, . but more inclined to lean business ", . carousing and scandals, . what, . after a series of clashes with police, . was in 1751 expelled from the university and is defined in the academic study type-setting printing business, . but at the same time continued to study diligently "Russia's calm" and new languages,
. In 1753 B. was defined in the academic office clerk, then he was a proofreader and translator. He died in 1768, a common legend says that B. died from injuries in a brothel, and before his death had to utter a bitter irony "resume" of his own life: "living a sin and died ridiculous". Literary Heritage B. divided into two parts - a printed and non-print. The first category includes "The Life of Prince aq. Cantemir ", attached to the publication of his" Satires "(1762), the ode" On the vseradostny birthday of Peter III, "Reduction of universal history Golberg" (from 1766, several editions). Verses B. translated from the Italian "drama on the music" "World Heroes" (1762), "Quintus Horatius Flaccus Satire and Conversations" (1763) and "Phaedra, Augustus Otpushchennikov, didactic fables, with the application couplets Dionysius Cato" of Virtue "(1764). According to Staehelin, B. began to translate Fenelonova "Telemachus" poems. B. skillfully owned verse, this is particularly evident in the second, non-print part of his literary activity, which is one and has kept his name from oblivion. Already in the early 1750's, as told Staehelin, began to walk on his hands "witty and biting satire, written beautiful poetry on the stupidity of modern Russian poets". NI. Novikov says that "this man, sharp and bold," wrote "the set of integers and small poems in honor of Bacchus and Aphrodite, for which his cheerful disposition and carelessness contributed a lot". Power Karamzin calls B. "Russian Scarron" and Bantysh-Kamensky compares it with Pironi. Its healthy and rough (not possible to bring even the titles of poems AB) pornography never felt sharp and alluring temptation, it reflects the proper nature and wild, but a healthy life. B. a foul-mouthed, some do not know, no literature, but it would be a mistake to reduce it exclusively to verbal pornography mud. Anticipating many years of their time in verse technique and literary taste, B. deliberately mocked ramshackle alien traditions odes and tragedies and, . poisoned by his cheerful and pointed parodies of life "Russia Walter and northern Racine - Sumarokov, . spread in society the seeds of a critical attitude to the old literary forms,
. Supervisory and provocative, B. was the first Russian literary parodist and one of the first representatives of the literary proletariat. Despite the bitter, miserable and drunken life, humor B. infectiously cheerful. B. quite the people and language, and the drop-down in his work life. He can not deny a certain role in the history of Russian literature not only as a talented humorist and literary Mockingbird, but as the expression of a peculiar psychological characteristics of the folk. In the Imperial Public Library the manuscript, relating to the end of the XVIII and early XIX century, called "maiden toy, or collected works of Mr.. Barkov, but in her next to the undeniable poetry B. There are many works of other, unknown authors. The biographical and bibliographical information about B. collected SA. Vengerov ( "critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scientists", II, 148 - 154; "Russian poetry", I, 710 - 714, and notes 2 - 6, "Sources of the dictionary of Russian writers", I, 165 - 166).

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BARKOV Ivan Semenovich, photo, biography
BARKOV Ivan Semenovich, photo, biography BARKOV Ivan Semenovich  Translator and poet, who gave his name `illegal` literary genre barkovschiny ``, photo, biography
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