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Beketov Platon Petrovich

( famous iconography and publisher)

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Biography Beketov Platon Petrovich
photo Beketov Platon Petrovich
(1761 - 1836), . born in Simbirsk, . studied in Kazan, . together with his cousin - fabulist Dmitriev, . then he was taken to the famous Moscow board Shadena, . where fellow Beketova was Karamzin, . whom he, . besides, . consisted distantly related,
. Not long served Guard, Beketov from 1798. settled in Moscow, completely surrendering his passion for the collection and publication of portraits and books. In 1801, Mr.. He started his own printing press, which was considered the best in Moscow, and from which emerged a number of publications by Russian authors - Kheraskov, Lenin, Bogdanovich, Gnedich, Zhukovsky, etc., carefully edited by the publisher. He was also the publisher of his magazine were published: "Friend of Education" (1805). - Wed. "The painting books printed Dependent typographer Pl. B. (Moscow, 1806). But most of all interested Beketov iconography. Having decided to issue a collection of "portraits of famous Russians, Beketov not spare any cost to purchase the original portraits, paintings and engravings, and made a huge collection - many hundreds of copies. For engraving them, he created an entire school of engravers dashed, consisting of Alexei Osipov and engraved under the supervision of his: Milov, Fyodor Alexeyev, Shishkin, H. Ivanova, Maslova, Khramtsova etc.. They nagravirovali dotted manner of more than 300 boards, . true, . very mediocre in the artistic, . but it is extremely exciting for iconographic, . because, . Beketov that he chose to play the original quite reliable,
. Issue in the light, however, had little Beketov. In 1801, Mr.. He released the "Pantheon of Russian Authors" (4 notebooks in the list of 5 portraits, . with the text of Karamzin, . M., . 1801) and only after 20 years, is meeting to issue a "Collection of portraits of Russians, . famous for their acts, . military and civil, . for learning, . writings, . talents whom or why the names of others to make known to the world, . with the application of their curriculum vitae "(M., . 1821 - 24, . in the big four),
. This edition has been designed into 4 sections, 50 portraits of each, but left only one part consisting of 5 notebooks for 10 portraits of each, and activists dedicated to the beginning of XVII and XVIII century. Success of the company Beketova had not, and in the light was released only a small number of copies. But the material was procured Beketovym for all editions, and the death of his precious collection of 306 copper plates was acquired for 8 1 / 2 thousand brothers Kireevsky. The latter did not give her the proper use. After 6 years (in 1843) they again squeezed a number of instances of 1-st part of the "Assembly", . portrait 5 manufactured and sold separately, and then released "Images of famous people or something wonderful, . Belonging by birth or merit Little Russia "(M., . 1844, . 42 portrait) and "Portraits of eminent men of the Church in Russia" (B., . 1844, . 40 portraits),
. Since many of the portraits are repeated in these two meetings and, . besides, . already appeared once in the Pantheon of Russian Authors ", . in the general boards of beketovskih service rendered not more than one-third, . indispensable part of the remaining 200 boards were without a trace, and only as a great bibliographical rarity from merchants sometimes caught proofs of some of them,
. In addition to portraits, Beketov issued another "Description of persons celebrations, which took place in 1626, February 5, when Mr. marriage. C. and B. K. Michael's with T. C. Evdokia Lukyanovna of the genus Streshnevo (Moscow, 1810, in the list, 62 fig.). In 1811, Mr.. Beketov was elected chairman of the newly founded when the Society of Russian History and Antiquities ". Prior to 1823, Mr.. Beketov occupied the chair of society and, according to Stroeva: was his "soul and the engine". In "Labor and the Chronicle of society, he published:" On the silver Yaroslavl '(in m. II); "Opinions on the family tree of Mr.. Shagubatova "(in t. III) and three "Speeches" delivered by a solemn assembly of the (m. I, II and III). - Wed. SA. Vengerov "critical-biographical dictionary", t. II; "Dictionary of Russian Historical Society, t. II, and "Old Years".

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Beketov Platon Petrovich, photo, biography
Beketov Platon Petrovich, photo, biography Beketov Platon Petrovich  famous iconography and publisher, photo, biography
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