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Bellegarde Carl A.

( lieutenant-general in the Russian service)

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Biography Bellegarde Carl A.
Born in 1807, died 1868; raised in the Corps of Pages, where in 1826. released an ensign in the Life Guards regiment of the Finnish. Many years of fighting began his career with the Turkish war of 1828, during which he participated in the siege of Varna, in the battle on the heights south side of the fortress and attack the fortified camps of the Turkish. In 1841, Bellegarde in the rank of lieutenant colonel was transferred to Erivansky Carabinieri (now Life Erivansky Grenadier E. B.) Regiment, and from 1842, over 8 years, participated in many cases with the Caucasian mountaineers. From the exploits provided to them in the Caucasus, the most prominent are: storming village Emes, changed the Russian residence of Khan (1844); defeat Lezghins Antsuhskogo society and business in the conquest of society Didot (1845). In 1848, Mr.. Bellegarde for differences in the cases was made a major general, in 1849. appointed commander of the Caucasian Reserve Grenadier Brigade, . and in 1850 - the duties of the Chief of Jaro-Balakan area and Lezgian Detachment, . while he was with his troops on the left flank Lezghian line, . also on under his command,
. More than once he had to do here and the expedition to the mountains and have a heated battle with the enemy. December 21, 1850, Mr.. Bellegarde was appointed Commander of 1 Brigade, 10 th Infantry Division, and at the beginning of the Crimean War 1853 - 56 years he entrusted the command of self-detachment, appointed to fill the Little Walachia. Here, in the battle of Chetami (25 December 1853), Bellegarde, a timely appearance and the onset of their courageous, rescued from the high risk of Tobolsk Infantry Regiment, bravely repulsed from the incomparably stronger than the enemy. Then, Belgard under the command of Prince Gorchakov and General Liprandi, was in the affairs of little valahskogo Detachment (Poeny, Calafat, etc.) and for the differences made to lieutenant general. From 5 May to 10 June 1854 he commanded the troops under siege Silistria, constantly being under heavy fire, as in the production of artworks, as well as the reflection of enemy attacks. By lifting the siege, Bellegarde was appointed head of 6 th Infantry Division and with it on in Moldavia, to the return of troops to the borders of Russia (August 29). Then moved with his division in the Crimea, he participated in the battle on the river. Black and had repeatedly been in Sevastopol for service. After the war, Bellegarde was some time in the indefinite leave and spare the troops, then he commanded the 2 nd Guards Infantry Division, in 1860, Mr.. resigned, and in 1863 again entered the service, Chief of the 24 th Infantry Division, and thereupon transferred to the Kingdom of Poland Head 4 th Infantry Division,. On the occasion of the revolt of the Poles, Bellegarde was appointed chief of Kalisz Department, and in that position was involved in studies on the device of the peasants of the Kingdom. With over 40 years of service, strictly for combat differences - except for officers and the royal favor, Bellegarde was awarded a golden arms, decorated with diamonds and 9 medals (including the Order of St.. George 4 tablespoons. for taking AMES).

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Bellegarde Carl A., photo, biography
Bellegarde Carl A., photo, biography Bellegarde Carl A.  lieutenant-general in the Russian service, photo, biography
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