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Bogdan Yakovlevich Belsky

( favorite Terrible, activist era of the Troubles)

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Biography Bogdan Yakovlevich Belsky
(d. 1611). Obscure nobleman, probably thanks to its kinship with Malyuta Skuratov, fell in the "yard" Terrible (from 1571 g. he referred to as the bell in the king's campaigns), will soon become the location of the king and became the closest person to him, "neothodnym keeper" of his, even slept in the same room with him. Ivan did not create his favorite high official position: even for the Livonian campaign of 1577, when Belsky their actions forced to surrender one of the most important fortresses - Wolmar, he received only a Portuguese gold and a gold chain. In 1578, Mr.. Belsky was oruzhnichim and above did not go. In fact, intelligent, energetic and ambitious of power Belsky was timeservers: "If and perfect name chinovska still did not have the Be crowned with glory," was, however, the "king of all sinklita pervoblizhen and nachalosoveten with glorious Tsar Ivan ocheh". He instructed the Terrible such intimate affairs, . as questions about the alleged alleged his fiancee Mary Hastings (1581), . talks about the king's marriage to her with Bowes (1583 - 84), in his own superintendence were collected from anywhere on the occasion of the appearance of a comet and predicted the death of king's diviners,
. King died at the hands of the Bielski, which sat down to play chess. There are indications that Ivan the Terrible commissioned him raising her younger son - Dimitri. Among the knights parties found by the death of Tsar Ivan Belsky belonged to Nagois. The most influential boyars of his only connexion, Boris Godunov, patronized him. Soon after removal of Prince Dimitri and Nagois in Uglich Moscow broke hardly not a put-topping boyars movement against Belsky, . which the crowd blamed the deaths of Ivan the Terrible and the intention to kill the king Theodore, . to transfer power to Godunov or, . another version, . seize it yourself,
. Note that the king ordered the exile Belsky in Nizhny Novgorod, calmed the people, but sent there Belsky was already on the termination of the rebellion, and, moreover, as governor (1584). In 1591, Mr.. He mentioned in those who went to the Crimean Khan, in 1592, Mr.. He voivod a "dress" made a trip to Finland in 1593, Mr.. was one of the Commissioners to conclude a peace treaty with the Crimea. During the election campaign for the death of Tsar Fyodor, Belsky with a large number of servants was in Moscow, was made a candidate for the throne and will fail, he led the intrigue against Godunov, supposedly in favor of the aged Simeon Bekbulatovich. The king granted Bielski in Okolnichy and hastened to remove it from Moscow, instructing him to build the town of Borisov Donets River (1599 - 1600). Defiance Belsky here on the far edge (he tried every way to win over military men, used to say that Boris tsar in Moscow, and he - in Tsarevo-Borisov), reinstated against him king. In 1600 - 1601 years Belsky was "izrinut of sinklitstva environment, subjected to corporal punishment (Boris if ordered even pull out of his luxurious beard), was deprived of his property and sent to prison a grassroots urban. The death of Boris Belsky returned to Moscow. Here, under the rule of Godunovs he urged people in the impersonation of the applicant, . the day of their death to direct the crowd at the hated Germans, . and the date of entry into the capital of the pretender, . kissing icon, . Muscovites assured of the truth of his royal descent,
. With the new king, to which, according to some indications, Belsky was involved, "uncle" Prince Dimitri was one of the servants, and received the rank of boyar. Shujskij shortly after the accession to the throne, removed his second voivod in Kazan. It is not known whether he kissed the cross Vladislav, but his name does not appear in the lists of individuals sought and received the grace of the Polish king and prince. The spring of 1611. Kazan decided to swear Tushino thief, Beltsov dissuade them, refused to swear allegiance to himself and was torn to pieces perturbed by this crowd. P. L.

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Bogdan Yakovlevich Belsky, photo, biography
Bogdan Yakovlevich Belsky, photo, biography Bogdan Yakovlevich Belsky  favorite Terrible, activist era of the Troubles, photo, biography
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