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BELYAEV Mitrofan Petrovich

( famous Russian music publisher and philanthropist)

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Biography BELYAEV Mitrofan Petrovich
photo BELYAEV Mitrofan Petrovich
The son of a wealthy timber merchant, Belyaev was born February 10, 1836, Mr.. in St. Petersburg and received very good education. From 9 years old he began studying the violin and taught piano, which later became engaged in a systematic. 14-year old boy he had a passion for chamber music, playing in the quartet evenings, first violin, then viola at. My father did not want to embarrass his inclinations and offered him to devote himself entirely to music, but the young man decided to continue his father's business, first under his supervision and then independently.

From 1851 to 1866 years Belyaev lead timber business in the province Olonets. Since 1866. by 1884. Belyaev postponed its commercial business in Kem County Arkhangelsk province and led his own, along with his cousin. First Belyaev attracted mainly Western, German music and moved more in the German amateur chamber music circles. Only in the early 1880's he learned the work of the then representatives of the young Russian school of music, playing in the orchestra of amateur cup running AK. Liadov.

In 1882, Mr.. Belyaev met today with the famous composer, AK. Glazunov, whose works had just begun to serve a public. Getting it made Belyaeva passionate admirer of the new Russian music. In 1884, Mr.. Belyaev gave up his commercial work and thought of two large companies: concerts exclusively of works by Russian composers, . very rare at that time executed by, . and publication of works by Russian composers also only, . with difficulty then finds a publisher,
. In 1884, Mr.. Belyaev was organized the first symphony concert of the works of AK. Glazunov. The following year was the beginning of a systematic Russian symphony concerts, the so-called "Belyaevsky". In the same year, Belyaev was founded in Leipzig music publishing. Concerts, and music publishing Belyaev not leave until his death.

Since 1891, Mr.. Belyaev began to organize and Russian quartet evenings, which performed the works of Russian chamber music at that time still a few. They first visited a little, but then began to attract more and more numerous public. Thanks to them, Balakirev, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov, Scriabin and others. an opportunity to hear his compositions in orchestral performance, and to judge the impression which they produce conceived orchestral effects. Similar concerts (number 2) were organized by Belyaev on the Paris World Exhibition 1889. No less credit to Russian music belongs to its music-publishing business. Since 1885. Belyaev was issued about 3000 rooms of Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Glazunov, Liadov, Sokolova, SI. Taneyev, Scriabin, Grechaninov, brothers Blumenfeld, Tcherbatcheff, Vitols, and many others. All publications Belyaeva distinguished elegance and comparative cheapness: the element of commercial profit in this venture is quite ideological completely absent. Authors Belyaev unreleased musical compositions received from him a fee, often much greater than to give other publishers.

In 1898, Mr.. Belyaev was elected chairman of the St. Petersburg Chamber Music Society and repeatedly arranged with him the competition for the prizes for best chamber works. Thanks evenings of chamber music in the house Belyaev, a whole series of small pieces for string quartet of our composers, entitled "Protection" and published the same music publishing. Belyaev died unexpectedly, more cheerful and energetic, 22 December 1903. In his will he left his considerable capital - a large share of its major state - provides the issuance of the annual "Glinka's" Russian composers awards. The selfless work Belyaeva in Russian music, for good comparison VV. Stasova, has the same meaning as the activity P. Tretyakov in Russian painting. Both were truly national Russian case, both are guided by a feeling far removed from the formal and ostentatious patriotism, incapable of selfless sacrifice. In the activities of these two Russian merchants, whose connection with "tax-paying estates" was very fresh, healthy public impact beginning tayascheesya in the depths of Russian collective soul. - See. the story. Stasova in the "Russian Musical Gazette", 1895, N 2, ibid, 1904, N 1 and 48, 1910, N 49. S. Bulich.

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BELYAEV Mitrofan Petrovich, photo, biography
BELYAEV Mitrofan Petrovich, photo, biography BELYAEV Mitrofan Petrovich  famous Russian music publisher and philanthropist, photo, biography
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