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Benedictine Vladimir G.

( famous poet)

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Biography Benedictine Vladimir G.
photo Benedictine Vladimir G.
Born Nov. 5, 1807, Mr.. in St. Petersburg, came from a spiritual family of Smolensk province, and spent his childhood in Petrozavodsk, where he served his father. After graduating from high school four-year Olonets, . Benedictine moved (1821) in the middle classes of the second St Petersburg Cadet Corps from whence came the first in 1827, . ensign in the Life Guards regiment, and began Izmailovskiy modest, . colorless life line officer,
. In 1831, Mr.. Benedictine, . the rank of lieutenant, . participated in the pacification of the Polish uprising, . and next year left the military service and joined the Ministry of Finance, . where he served for many years, . from the tiny post office to the place of the Director of Public Bank loan, . jealous of his official duties, . consistently ignoring superior functionary and devoting his leisure higher mathematics, . astronomy, and writing poetry,
. Tomiko poems Benediktov debuted in late 1835, Mr.. "First, - says the author published in the late thirties in Germany, the book" Litterarische Bilder ans Russland ", Koenig, - nobody suspected that he was engaged Prosody ... One came to him his friend, writer, and found his poems. Benedictine had to confess in front of him in his love for his poetry and read some of his works insistent friend. The latter was astonished at his talent, which had never suspected in him, and delighted with unexpected beauty of his poetic creations. Since that time, the product Benediktova became known to the public ... The first book "Poems of Vladimir Benediktova" sold out in a very short time. NV. Gerbel passes, . that blinding brilliance and harmony of verse benediktovskogo public, . enthusiasm which knew no bounds, . literally drowning in a sea of sounds and bought up a book like hot cakes, . so that in the very short time it took the new edition, . that it happened at the beginning of next year ",
. Benediktov then favored by many circumstances. Readers, after Boris Godunov cooled to Pushkin, . and it is cool even touched a sensitive mind, . as Belinsky; Zhukovsky, . Vyazemskij, . Baratynskij, . Kozlov spoke rarely, . in this time of stagnant Benedictine won in the eyes of the public laureate of the vacant throne,
. General enthusiasm could not drown in the first sober and sharp reviews Belinsky (in the "Telescope") and H. Field (in the "Son of the Fatherland"). Favorably treated Benediktov Pushkin himself (in his library to keep both the first edition books Benediktova), . who found him "an excellent comparison of the sky with an overturned bowl and said to him:" You have amazing rhymes, . no one of these rhymes; be assumed by one mark in the bibliography section "Contemporary, . that Pushkin was going to write a review for a collection of poems Benediktova,
. The second book of poems, published by Benedict in 1838, quickly sold out without a trace in 3000 the number of copies - the success of that time, just incredible. But common word Belinsky has done its job. Young Turgenev, who first "kindled resentment" against the "kicker", soon felt that Belinsky right: "Some time passed, and I have not read Benediktova". Belinsky immediately and definitively identified in verse Benediktova "rhetorical hype, . a set of common places ", . "mistakes against the language and common sense", . cool rhetoric, . brought them to the "poetic toy" and recognized, . that Benediktova "can not take talent stihotvorcheskogo, . but it is not a poet "and many in our prosaic time" only taken for the poet,
. This sentence Belinsky has not changed and, subsequently, and not once, one way or another, repeating his. Thunder praise gradually began to subside, public opinion, notably sober, and in 1842, when Benedictine again produced a book of poems, she was met with restraint. Benedictine has little time to write, even the almost silent on the entire decade (1845 - 1855) and again took up his pen, has as a singer civic motives, in a time of the Crimean War and the beginning of the new reign. Yielding to a general progressive mood, Benedict's his new poetic cycle reflected the thoughts of the majority but remained the same conductor, which lack sensitivity and education are not given long to go for a public fascination, and quickly filled up. His very name was gradually forgotten and soon plunged into final oblivion. Having suffered a Benediktov died April 14, 1873, Mr.. The main features of creativity Benediktova - tense mood affectation, artificiality of images, rhetoric. Naive readership 30 - 40-ies, . is not able to assess the majestic and chaste beauty of Pushkin's poetry and deliriously delighted Marly, . liked and "the sword of lightning", . that "girded on the sea", and chest, . which will become a sacred coffin ", . and moss neglect on the ruins of Love, . and "frosty breath vapor passionless", . falling on the "flame of beauty", . and sparkling heart defect ", . Benedictine then quite consistent with the era of domination over the minds of Kukolnik, . Bryullov, . Senkovsky, . Buе-haryn and Gretch,
. During the heat of passion sincere Benediktov gave uharstvo most vulgar poshiba: Nightingale shot burst out laughing "; eyes on the beautiful Benedictine said:" The two Dutch diamond - eyes, . eyes - ow! - Trouble! ", . "Plutyaga", . Bacchus Rubens' scarlet mouth opened his own ",
. The pope "took colossus throughout Europe in the bend - and the tomb of Christ bruised". Jupiter Benediktov doth "buffoon-poteshnikom" and "old devil". The lack of a sense of proportion Benediktova drove straight to pornography. His Benedictine artificiality not only aware, but have built in an aesthetic canon, and inspired the poet: "To express the mystery of flour, that the heart of the fire in your words Iznik - invent unheard sounds silly unknown tongue". So literally he did; YA.P. Polonsky even made "Alphabetical list of words composed Benediktov, altered, or almost anyone not used to be found in his poems". Among them are such as "vozblagodat", "ldorebry", "masculine", "netoptatel", "sentyabrevy", "yaichnost". In essence, Benedictine was right in recognizing the sovereign prerogative of the poet, some freedom in dealing with language, but its tasteless neologisms, he only proved that he himself, the size of their talent, this freedom should not infringe. Yet for the development and complication of Russian stihotvorcheskoy technology Benedictine was able to do something and began torit the road, . for which many years later went Balmont, . in his "rattlesnakes tunes", . where heard "cymbals and tambourines harmonies", . occasionally visited genuine beauty of the words, . come across some, . outside the context and system, . valuable thoughts, . but this small and the best part of his work is drowning in a sea of trivial, . effektnichanya and windbags blather,
. Motives poetry Benediktova simple and uncomplicated and rarely go out of love and nature, that Benedictine is no special thoughtfulness, with naive philistine Epicureanism. The same man in the street remained Benedict and in their civic motives at first be reconciled to him, even criticism, after Belinsky general sternly looking at him. These unruly muse Benediktova already appeared, dressed informally, buttoned to the neck, without rings, without earrings ". He appealed to the writer: "Call out the voice of good, . and call your, . Wherever he passed, . Let the spirit of peace and love in the thunder will be full! Fire your thyself verb only in the wickedness on earth, and - with God - ratuy against the evils! "In general, he understood the true spirit of a new era, . when, . met coming in 1857, . wrote: "say something in different parts, . mostly dependent new nodules ..,
. Time loved the truth, shaved, let the truth Well, that was all about light!.. And not prevail against alien realm of swords, which brighten the rays of truth ". Such elementary teaching in those sad years of the reign of Alexander II for many sounded warm and new. Of course, not cheap liberalism and not cheap eroticism in literature is saved from complete oblivion name Benediktova. As correctly noted by another Pushkin, . He undoubtedly, . though primitive, . word artist, . itself, . and rightly said of him later critic: "Amateur Fame, . lover of words, . he is in the history of Russian literature should be mentioned precisely in this capacity, . in that its attachment to the music of Russian speech ",
. Benedictine many and well-translated (from Mickiewicz, Victor Hugo, Theophile Gautier, Petofi, Kozara, Medo Puchicha). Collection of his poems was published in 3 volumes in 1856, a posthumous edition was published and issued by the partnership Wolf in 1883 - 1884, edited by YA.P. Polonsky and reissued in 1902. Biography and bibliographic information about Benediktova cm. by Polonsky in an article posted in the collected works Benediktova, in SA. Vengerov (Sources dictionary of Russian writers ", 1, 210 - 211;" critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scientists ", II, 398 - 418) cm. as VP. Bykov, "Notes old Smolyanka", I, 172 - 173, 212, 244 - 248, 256 - 257; II, 222 - 223; B. Sadowski, "Russian Kamena, p. 89 - 101 (Moscow, 1910); S. Eichenwald, "Silhouettes of Russian Writers, No.. III (Moscow, 1910), and "History of Russian Literature of XIX century", ed. "Mira", II, 62 - 65; A review. K. collection of poems in 1856. in "Son of the Fatherland", 1856, N 27 and 28. N. Lerner.

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Benedictine Vladimir G., photo, biography
Benedictine Vladimir G., photo, biography Benedictine Vladimir G.  famous poet, photo, biography
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