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Bessonov, Peter A.

( Slavic Studies and publisher of works of folk art)

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Biography Bessonov, Peter A.
(1828 - 1898). Educated at Moscow University, for History and Philology. First, he served on the commission the printing of state charters and treaties, and since 1857 - senior adviser to the Moscow Synodal Press. From 1864 to 67 year was the head of the Vilna museum and public library, the director of rabbinic and other Jewish school in Vilna, the director of the classical local high school, chairman of Archaeological Commission and t. d. From 1867 for 79 year was librarian of the Moscow University. In 1879 AB, has received about this time of the Kazan University honorary doktorstvo, held in Kharkiv Department of Slavic dialects. B. belongs to the publication of the monuments of ancient Russian literature and folk poetry, as follows: "The book bee" (1857. Of times. Moscow History and Antiquities, book. XXV); edition of songs collected by PV. Kireyevsky (which included a significant proportion of self-assembly B., Moscow, 1862 - 64); publication songs P.N. Rybnikova, in 2 vols. (the other - with extensive, . but very dubious scientific merit "Notes" editor), a collection of religious poems: "The Pilgrims perekhozhie", . the study (M., . 1861 - 64); collection of "children's songs, folk (1868); book" Belarusian Song "(with an introduction and an afterword about the Belarusian language, . creativity and life, . M., . 1871),
. He issued it also works Yuri Krizhanich: "On the Russian state in half of XVII century" (Moscow, 1860) and "fishing" (Moscow, 1861). In addition, B. published a "Imaginary turanizm Russian. On the question of aliens and resettlement in Russia (Moscow, 1883), "On the collection and publication of the monuments, national pesnetvorchestva (Moscow, 1896)," National Monuments pesnetvorchestva "(1897). B. put a lot of articles of historical and literary and biographical in periodical publications (in Russian Conversation, "" Day "," Dawn ", in" Conversations Lovers Society of Literature of Russia ") and other. Publications B. in literature of the Bulgarian and Serbian: "The Bulgarian song" from the collections YI. Venelina, N.D. Katranova and other Bulgarians (M., . 1855, . Article about the epic Serbian and on the main issues of language novobolgarskogo), "Collection of Bulgarian Proverbs" (in the monuments and samples of the national language and literature, Russian and Western Slavs ", . 1852 - 56); "Lazaritsa" - a collection of folk songs, . legends and stories about the fall of the Serbs their ancient kingdom (in Russian Conversation ", . for 1857, . N 2), . number of biographies of scientific figures of Russian and Slavic: Kalaidovich, . Bolshakov, . Labzin, . Venelina, . Neverova, . Sevastyanov, . Undolskogo, . kn,
. Tserteleva, kn. Cherkassky and other. In addition, B. also published several works on Russian musical archeology and bibliographies. He is the first attempt to overview print sheet music of song books ( "Orthodox Observer" for 1864) and experience of the characteristics of old and new leaders in the field of Russian church music, . what Alexander Mezenets, . Shaidurov, . Tikhon Makarevsky, . kn,
. VF. Odoevsky, NM. Potulov father Razumovsky ( "Landmark years and the most famous representatives of the last two centuries in the history of Russian church singing" in the "Orthodox Review" 1872). The musical side of the famous book "Pilgrims perekhozhie", published by IB, also has not been without its participation. - Wed: Pypin, "History of Slavic Literatures"; his own, "History of Russian Ethnography (t. II, 1891), and SA. Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary" (t. II, where an assessment of scientific works BI).

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Bessonov, Peter A., photo, biography Bessonov, Peter A.  Slavic Studies and publisher of works of folk art, photo, biography
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