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Bestuzhev Mikhail

( youngest of the brothers Decembrist)

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Biography Bestuzhev Mikhail
photo Bestuzhev Mikhail
Born in 1800, Mr.. In 1817, Mr.. finished the Marine Corps and was sent to sea off the coast of France. Introduction to European life has made him an equally strong impression as the elder brother. In his head ferment dream of freedom-loving. The second time Bestuzhev got abroad through 4 years, when, en route from Arkhangelsk to Kronstadt, he stopped in Copenhagen, here, as he testified at the trial, "borrowed from the French concept of a strengthened". Stories comrades also been abroad, "he received involuntarily entertained the notion of". In the same direction, acting news of the revolutionary ferment in Italy, Spain and Germany. In 1824, Mr.. Bestuzhev was put into a secret society captain Thorson. In 1825, Mr.. Bestuzhev moved to Moscow regiment with the rank of captain. December 14, . 10 am, . he, . with captain Prince Shchepin, Rostov and other like-minded, . bypassed Moscow Regiment Company, . telling soldiers, . that Constantine Pavlovich does not renounced the throne, . and urged soldiers not to give the oath to Nicholas,
. Then, commanding the 3rd company, which was under his command, to capture the live ammunition, Bestuzhev led her to the Senate Square, along with three other companies of that ran under the command of Prince Shchepina-Rostov and Alexander Bestuzhev. Arrested on the same day, Bestuzhev was put first in the Peter and Paul Fortress, and in September 1826, in one day with his brother Nicholas, transferred to Schlusselburg. Hence, in September 1827, Mr.. with his brother Nicholas was sent to Siberia. No hard labor served in Chita, his life was very hard. With the transfer in 1830. in the Petrovsky factory situation has improved, and there remained a lot of time to work on their education. Even sitting in a fortress, Bestuzhev carried away studying languages. In Siberia, it is well understood not only all the major European languages, but also such as Spanish and Polish. For the circle of comrades, a systematic study of philosophy and history, he wrote a series of essays. In 1839, Mr.. released him into exile, and he founded, as Nicholas Bestuzhev in Selenginsk. Here he acquired the estate and with his characteristic enthusiasm devoted himself to agriculture. Like all Bestuzhev, he was all-trades, knew many crafts and exerted their talents to all sorts of inventions. He, incidentally, attributed to the device is very convenient trolley - sideyki ", which received wide distribution in Siberia, under the name" Bestuzhev ". But the benefit for himself, he did not know how his affairs were going badly, and they left the remains of that inherited from the father and that gave the literary heritage of his brother Alexander. Affairs and marriage is firmly tied him to Siberia, and he long enjoyed amnesty 1856. Only in 1867, Mr.. Bestuzhev got to Moscow, where he died in 1871. A man of versatile talents, Bestuzhev too spread and not on what is certainly not focused his talents. He wrote much in prose and verse, but nothing printed. Under the old age he wrote an interesting note on the bottom of the 14 December and manner of life of the Decembrists in Siberia ( "Russian Antiquities", 1870, t. I and II; 1881, t. XXXII) and memories of brother Alexander ( "Russian Word", 1860, December). Sitting in the fortress, he invented the "wall of the alphabet (for tapping between inmates), and this" invention "is transferred from generation to generation for more than 80 years. S. Vengerov.

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Bestuzhev Mikhail, photo, biography
Bestuzhev Mikhail, photo, biography Bestuzhev Mikhail  youngest of the brothers Decembrist, photo, biography
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