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Bibikov Dmitry Gavrilovich

( statesman)

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Biography Bibikov Dmitry Gavrilovich
photo Bibikov Dmitry Gavrilovich
(1792 - 1870), son of Major General, who fell during World War II. In 1812, Mr.. participated in the battles near Vitebsk, Smolensk and Borodino, in the last battle of his left hand blown off the nucleus. Turning to the civil service, has consistently served as vice-governor of Vladimir, Saratov and Moscow. From 1824 to 1835, Mr.. was director of the department of foreign trade, and especially trying to eliminate abuses in the customs department. In 1837, Mr.. appointed military governor of Kiev, and Podolsky and Volyn Governor-General to the renaming of Lieutenant-General. The main task of his administration of the south-western edge was a "fusion of the western edge of the ancient homeland of its natural inhabitants". A man with great natural abilities, but without a scientific education, possessing a strong character and a sharp temper, Bibikov especially vigorously fought with the Polish noble elements in the province and defended the interests of the peasantry. His main achievement in this direction was the introduction of inventories that regulated the relations of the peasants and landlords. This measure Bibikov attached great political importance. The report 1844. He wrote: "We can not vouch for the future peace of the region and its security, until the peasants will not be improved and secured measures emanating from the supreme authority". After some hesitation, despite the views of Ministers of State Property and the Interior, the draft Bibikova inventories of May 26, 1847, Mr.. received approval and held them to life with great persistence and severity. In 1841 - 1843 years were selected to the state estate non-Christian clergy. In 1844, Mr.. transferred to the position of peasants obrok state lands, private rooms available for rent. In order to weaken the influence and significance of the local Polish nobility Bibikov made a rigorous test of the rights of the local gentry to the nobility, . attracted to the administrative service of the Russian people, . replaced existed since the early 1830's in Kiev section of the Warsaw office of State Bank Bank,
. Much attention is paid to school Bibikov case in the province. In his petition was opened in Kiev, the central archive. Noted by some positive results of the activities Bibikova management south-western edge and had a dark side. According YU.F. Samarin, . "Nearest his (Bibikova), the situation was far from blameless, . and the election was not all successful, he often trusted people, . used it for evil trust, often political pressure on the elements of power, . hostile to the Government and the Russian nation, . turned to personal harassment in the hands of artists and served as a pretext for extortion with impunity by the guns of the pressure ",
. In 1848, Mr.. Bibikov was appointed a member of the State Council, and on August 30 1852. intended for the post of Minister of Interior, who has been exactly 3 years. The main activities of the Ministry under Bibikova were ordering levy of duties, . strengthening of medical assistance to populations, . National Food, . city finances, . Statistics, . supervision heterodox clergy, . combat division, . administrative structure Kirghiz steppes,
. Being responsive special attention to the peasant question, Bibikov in 1853 - 1854 he. began to spread inventory of rules imposed by them in the south-western region, the Belarusian and Lithuanian provinces. In an effort to improve the life of the Belarusian peasants, he presented the case by the Committee of Ministers directly emperor and receiving his approval, to rescind all the measures worked out by the local committee to compile the inventory rules. With the accession to the throne of Emperor Alexander II, Belarusian and Lithuanian landlords have begun suspending Bibikov introduction of inventories. In May he was ordered to take back the draft inventories prepared by him and pass compilation of a new project to local gentry committees. August 30, 1855, Mr.. Bibikov was dismissed at his own request, from the post of interior minister, leaving a member of the State Council, and on 7 September and left the service at all of sickness. Bibikova resignation was accepted by society as an indicator of the triumph of noble interests on the question of serfdom. His rich library (14 000 volumes) was subsequently donated by his daughter the University of Kiev. - See. Varadinov, "History of the Ministry of Internal Affairs", h. III, Prince. 4 and 8 (1862 - 1863), "Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1802 - 1902 (St. Petersburg, 1901); In. Semevsky, "The Peasant Question in XVIII - XIX centuries.", T. II; Ikonnikov, "Kiev in 1654 - 1855 years" (Kiev, 1904), "Russian Biographical Dictionary".

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Bibikov Dmitry Gavrilovich, photo, biography
Bibikov Dmitry Gavrilovich, photo, biography Bibikov Dmitry Gavrilovich  statesman, photo, biography
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