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Billings, Joseph (billing)

( captain-lieutenant of the Russian Navy)

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Biography Billings, Joseph (billing)
Research eastern coast of Siberia and islands, lying about them, and first provided us in some detail with the country and life of the Chukchi. Billings was born Englishman, took part in Cook's third voyage, for which he was promoted to warrant officers, and then to the navigators, in the Russian service, was adopted in 80 of the last century, on the recommendation of Count S.R. Vorontsov (Russian ambassador in London). Recommended by it as well educated and familiar with the maritime business officer, Billings in 1785. appointed by the Empress Catherine II the head of astronomical and geographical expedition, . which was designed from the West (from the mouth Kolymi) pass in the Bering Sea and north-western coast of North America and explore the north-eastern coast of Siberia,
. At the end of the same year (1785) the expedition set out from St. Petersburg, and March 27, 1786, Mr.. one of its members, Captain Sarychev, arrived in Okhotsk, and in July, and the captain himself Billings Gallo and other satellites. Leaving here the captain Galla to monitor the construction of vessels, Billings with a significant part of their team went to the river. Kolyma. From the mouth of her trying to pass Shelagskogo Chukchi and capes, but unsuccessfully, then returned for the winter in Yakutsk and was here engaged in barter with the aliens on the money received from the treasuries of the Irkutsk province. While governor of Irkutsk and was Kolyvanskoe Jacobi, . such a departure from the instructions of the Admiralty Board of Billings impatient, but replaced the Jacobi Pцгhl demanded a report in the Billings spent the money and the immediate departure from Yakutsk for further research,
. Evasive answer Billings, although shortly thereafter migrated to Okhotsk, Pel forced to turn to the Admiralty Board. Last, the decree of June 20, 1789, demanded the continuation of the expedition, and after four months of the new decree suspended her "for the sake of reducing costs". But it was too late. Billings in September left Okhotsk, deciding to go around East Asia. But he managed to swim only to the Gulf of St.. Lawrence; Chukchi confident in the impossibility of navigation on the Arctic Ocean, and he left this company. Then, for further research on the sea, he sends Captain Sarychev, with part of their team, on the ship "Glory", while he and another part of the overland route explores the Chukotka. This new way of Billings began to Mechegmenskoy lips (September 4, 1791) and walked along the beach, but already on October 10 was supposed to, failing to keep the beach, turn to the west. 17 February 1792 the expedition finally ended its journey, and in 1794, Mr.. returned to St. Petersburg. The result has been, in addition to the description of the country and the welfare of the Chukchi, the description of most of the shores of the Okhotsk Sea, Aleutian Islands, the shores of America until about. Kayan, and the opening of. St. Ions caused by dead reckoning Billings, on the map in 38 it. miles to the south-east (20 degrees 30 minutes) from the Okhotsk. A large proportion of Okhotsk discoveries and research satellite belongs Billings Captain Sarychev. Billings died in 1806. the rank of Captain-Commander. Description of his journey came the first time in London, . four years before his death, . under the following title: "An account of a geographical and astronomical expedition to the Northern parts of Russia, . performed in the year 1785, . to 1794, . narrated from the original papers by Mart,
. Sayer "(London, 1802). Soon it was translated into the languages German, French and Italian, and even a few times pereizdavaemo. In Russian it appeared in the translation of Captain Sarychev, . entitled: "Voyage of Captain Billings in Chukotka on the Bering Strait to Nizhnekolymskiy prison and swimming captain Galla in North-Eastern Ocean in 1791, . with the application dictionary 12 dialects of the peoples "(St. Petersburg, . 1811),
. See. "Journey" and an article in the Sea Collection "for 1869, N 7 and 11 -" Some material on Billings.

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Billings, Joseph (billing), photo, biography
Billings, Joseph (billing), photo, biography Billings, Joseph (billing)  captain-lieutenant of the Russian Navy, photo, biography
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