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Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (Bilfinger)

( philosopher Leibniz-volfianskoy school and one of the first Russian academicians)

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Biography Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (Bilfinger)
(Bilfinger, . also Bulffinger, . name derived from the nickname Zwolffinger, . as in the genus Bilfinger was hereditary malformation: to 12 fingers and toes), . Georg Bernhard (1693 - 1750), . - Philosopher Leibniz-volfianskoy school and one of the first Russian academicians,
. He studied at Tübingen, and Halle, where he listened to Wolf. Was professor of philosophy at Tübingen. By this time, his works are: "De harmonia animi et corporis humani maxime praestabilita ex mente Leibnitii" (Ëïö., . 1723, 2 ed., . Tubing., . 1741); "De origine et permissioni mali praecipue moralis" (Ëïö., . 1724, . presentation Leibnizian theodicy) and "Dilucidationes philosophicae de Deo, . anima humana, . mundo etc. "(Ëïö., . 1725, . 1740 and 1768), . in which he expounded and defended the metaphysics of Leibniz and Wolff,
. Works Bilfinger enjoyed in his time a large spread, he was considered the most talented popularizer of the ideas of Leibniz and Wolff. In 1725, upon the recommendation of the Wolf, Bilfinger was invited to membership based then St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, 5 years, the chair of logic, metaphysics and morality, the obligation to bring with him one or two students. Bilfinger, optionally Osterman, chief counselor of Emperor Peter II, was asked to write a manual for training the monarch, it is printed in Russian and German languages. In addition, Bilfinger compiled a textbook for Peter II, the new history and politics of moral or moralistic, "which did not have time to finish. During his stay in Russia Bilfinger never wrote a philosophical work, much of his time and energy absorbed by the relentless battle with Schumacher and academics Martini and Bernoulli. The contract with Bilfinger was not renewed, and he left Russia in January 1731, Mr.. He was appointed a small pension, and he did not interrupt their communications with the Russian Academy. In 1731, Mr.. he said in Tübingen, where he took the chair of theology, speech about the sights of St. Petersburg, in which he praises the reform of Peter the Great. In 1735, Mr.. printed in Tübingen was the work Bilfinger: "Stefani Javorskii metropolitae resanensis et muromiensis discursus de poena haeriticorum" (polemical op. against the "Stone of Faith" Stephen Yavorsky). In 1739, Mr.. Bilfinger sent to the St. Petersburg Academy of two articles on the fortification, which worked in favor of Duke Charles. The comments of the St. Petersburg Academy published three articles of his botanical. In the academic edition of "Commentarii academiae scientarum petropolitanae" placed 13 of his articles, "Novi commentarii" - one, mostly on natural history, some of them translated into German by Muller in I h. book: "Physikalische und medicinische Abhandlungen der Kayserlichen Academie der Wissenschaften in Petersburg" (Riga, 1782). In Russian are printed in extracting a "brief description comments Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, 1782) two articles Bilfinger:" The reason of gravity on the motion of vortices and on the direction of a barometer. "

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Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (Bilfinger), photo, biography
Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (Bilfinger), photo, biography Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (Bilfinger)  philosopher Leibniz-volfianskoy school and one of the first Russian academicians, photo, biography
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