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Bystrom, Karl Ivanovich

( Adjutant General)

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Biography Bystrom, Karl Ivanovich
(1770 - 1838), hails from an ancient noble family Ostsee. Recorded (1784) for service in the Guards Regiment Izmailovskiy, he said, according to their own will, moved (1787) in the Neva Musketeer Regiment, stationed in Finland, and took part in the outbreak of war in 1788, Mr.. against the Swedes. In 1798, Mr.. promoted to rank of major and appointed commander of the 1 st regiment of Chasseurs, and in 1806. he entrusted the command of the 20 th regiment of Chasseurs. During the war of 1806 - 07 years Bystrom said to be one of the bravest of the regimental commanders and for the case when Charnove (1806) was awarded the Order of St.. George 4-th degree. In the battle of Pultusk he was wounded in the left leg and received from the hands of the Prussian king Order "Pour le merite". In 1807, at Eylau, a second wounded in the shoulder and was awarded a golden sword. In April of that year, barely recovered from his wounds, he returned to his regiment and participated with him in the battles of Tsehere, Petersvalde, Altkirchen and p. Pasarga. May 28, in the case when Gutshtadte, Bystrom with his regiment covered the retreat of Russian troops, and was wounded in the right cheek, with damage to the jaw. In this case the Emperor Alexander's own hand put on him the Order of St.. Anne 2 nd degree with diamonds. At the conclusion of the Peace of Tilsit, Bystrom was appointed battalion commander in the Guards Jaeger Regiment, and in 1809, Mr.. - The commander of the regiment. At the beginning of World War II in 1812, in cases 5 and 6 August., Bystrom perfectly defended the crossing of the Dnieper River, at the Battle of Borodino he first had to meet the onslaught of superior enemy forces. In the same year he participated in battles at Tarutino, a Little Yaroslavets in a night attack in the village. Clementino and especially distinguished himself in der. Good, near the Red, where the head hunter team defeated standing against the enemy troops, took many prisoners, 9 guns, 2 banners and a marshal's baton Davout. This feat was awarded the Order of St.. George 3rd degree. In campaign 1813. Bystrom with honors fought in Lyutsenskom, Bautsenskom, Kulmskom and Leipzig. In 1814, during the battles of Brienne, Arsis, Fershanpenuazom and Paris, was held in reserve. In 1821, Mr.. Bystrom was appointed head of 2-Guards Infantry Division, in 1824. promoted to lieutenant general, and March 3, 1825, Mr.. he entrusted the command over the entire footguards. In the same year, Bystrom granted general-adjutant. In the Turkish campaign of 1828, Mr.. Bystrom commanded a detachment, . located on the south side of the fortress of Varna, . besieged by Russian troops, . here on Sept. 16 he had to endure a hot deal, . in repelling the attack Omer Pasha-Vrione and simultaneous with the attacks varnskogo Garrison, . and the day after participating in the failed attack Turkish fortified camp, . defending forces Omer-Vrione (cm,
. Varna). September 29 Varna surrendered, and on 2 October Nicholas Bistroma bestowed the Order of St.. Alexander Nevsky. In 1831, when the Polish war broke out, Bystrom threw them started treatment at Kissingen, came to the troops and 15 April, commanding the vanguard of the Guards Corps, was ordered to cover the retreat Guard to Tykocin. The order that he executed brilliantly, reflecting within 5 days of head superior enemy forces. In the battle of Ostroе┌д≥ka Bystrom, although he received a concussion, with extraordinary courage and coolness disposed of troops and 6 times reflected the rapid rebel attack. Battle it gave him the Order of St.. Georgia 2-nd degree. Shortly afterwards he was promoted to general of infantry and on the principal chief of the Warsaw. Upon returning Guard in St. Petersburg, Bystrom, for his health, he lived in Kissingen and in his name near Yamburg. In 1837, Mr.. appointed deputy commander of the Guards Corps single Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich. Died June 16, 1838, at Kissingen, and was buried in his Yamburgskom estate.

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Bystrom, Karl Ivanovich, photo, biography
Bystrom, Karl Ivanovich, photo, biography Bystrom, Karl Ivanovich  Adjutant General, photo, biography
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