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Blagosvetlov Gregory Evlampievich

( famous journalist)

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Biography Blagosvetlov Gregory Evlampievich
photo Blagosvetlov Gregory Evlampievich
son Regimental Priest. Born in Stavropol, Caucasus, in 1824, studied at the Saratov Seminary, graduated from the course at the Faculty of St. Petersburg University. A teacher in the Corps of Pages, then in Pavlovsky Institute, but soon, the empty misunderstanding, was suspected of "disloyalty" and, because of persecution III office, had just left a pedagogical career. In 1857, Mr.. Blagosvetlov went to England, where he became friendly with Herzen, lived in his house and was a teacher of his children there moved to Paris for some time attended lectures at the Sorbonne, is bedstvuya. In Paris, the case brought Blagosvetlov with YA.P. Polonsky, who invited him to collaborate in the "Russian Word". In half of 1860. publisher of this journal, gr. Kushelev invited Blagosvetlov edit the journal. In the short term "Russian Word" completely transformed thanks to the energy Blagosvetlov and successfully picked up his staff. From sluggish, lackluster body magazine became bright and fighting for a particular face is not inferior to "Contemporary". In 1862, Mr.. "The Russian word" equally with the "Contemporary", was temporarily suspended. Following the resumption of his gr. Kushelev Blagosvetlov donated their publishing rights. "Russian Word" was suspended in 1866. In the same year Blagosvetlov, along with other radical journalists, was arrested (in connection with the attempt Karakozov) and spent three weeks in the fortress. Other consequences of the case for Blagosvetlov had not, but just to start a new magazine was impossible for him. He struck up relations with the PI. Shulgin, who has received permission to publish censored magazine "Business", and gradually, with great caution, transferred its activities in this magazine, making it a natural extension of the Russian Word. Friends have Blagosvetlov There was no single favorite was the brainchild of the magazine, which he gave himself entirely to his death (in November in 1880). NV. Shelgunov, in general, not without idealizing lighting Blagosvetlov identity, rights, calling it "pure product" of this era. Man is not the original ideologically, but deeply devoted to what he considered a public good, Blagosvetlov persevere in their beliefs into practice through journal. In the main his views, was an extreme Blagosvetlov Westerner and a sharp denier whole of Russian life, without any radical populist tone, leading the formula: "everything for the people, but nothing through the people". The political motto of his was: a free man in a free state. Like his brilliant supporter Pisarev, Blagosvetlov was a staunch "selfish", is even the common good relationship with happiness and full development of the individual. "A man is not led by personal selfishness in all its intentions and actions, the same that provide a living creature, able to breathe without the air ...", - he says in one of his articles. The same idea, he holds in his article "The importance of universities". Not being a writer by vocation, Blagosvetlov little helped popularize the ideas of their favorite articles, is neither bright nor force. Much more significant its role as the leader of the journal. He was unusually active and skilful editor. The story, indicating how Blagosvetlov able to guess the people and choose their own staff. When he first came to him Pisarev, and brought to press his verse translation, Blagosvetlov if looked at his beautiful forehead and told him: "You need to write critical essays, and poems do not". Blagosvetlov not only chosen, but also created its employees, giving them a tremendous impact, making them the spokesmen for his views and tastes and handing them the methods by which he carried out his ideas. Firmly established SA. Vengerov fact Blagosvetlov impact not only on Zaitseva, Sokolova and other minor officials of his journals, but also on Pisarev. When the controversy broke out between Antonovich and Blagosvetlov, Pisarev was sitting in a fortress. He found it necessary to stand up for Blagosvetlov. Himself that it was impossible to do, and a letter in the "Contemporary" made the mother Pisarev. Her lips Pisarev strongly protested against the fact that in the "Contemporary" Blagosvetlov called "running dogs" of its employees. "Shame on Blagosvetlov and at the same time shield Pisarev - impossible: or both honest men, or both villains" - said in the letter. Then talk about turning under the influence of Pisarev Blagosvetlov of "undeveloped helpless boy," and moreover "aesthetics", the foremost champion of radical journal. Blagosvetlov named "friend, teacher and leader, who Pisarev owes its development, and on the boards of which he needs to present moment". As editor Blagosvetlov was indefatigable. "All the nervousness, . the enormous energy Blagosvetlov went on many little things, . associated with the publication of the literary magazine, . and very often he devoted to them on 16 and 18 hours a day, . fulfilling all the roles, . from editing and writing articles, proofreading and ending with the first expedition of the journal,
. But the main supply of its energy left to fight censorship: the case where a 30-sheet comprising the book, the censor left 5 - 6 ( "Case" came out with a pre-censorship), belonged to the most ordinary. We had, . means, . always have in reserve a double set of articles, . had always inform staff, . that such and such a view can not deal, . as well as primary and permanent staff "cases" or lived in the province, . or abroad, . then they had to constantly write long, detailed letter (SA,
. Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers," t. III, page. 348). - As a person, Blagosvetlov in anyone not arouse sympathy. He considered himself created from iron. Especially around repelled him straight rudeness and undisguised self-interest. Form an on basis over its radical journals largest state, he valued a person only while he was needed for its purposes. After the death of Pisarev Blagosvetlov wrote with cynical indifference: "The great loss if Pisarev Pisarev became the same, but if not, thank God. He died long ago, as an intellectual figure, t. e. died at the end of last year (when the gap and took Blagosvetlov with Pisarev). Even at the funeral of a former comrade, he said that he "was not needed Pisarev, and his work, his mind". Angular personality Blagosvetlov consistent face of those magazines, which he created. SA. Vengerov describes it thus: "Not only the articles were in one direction, but even the manner of subjects were treated the same, trenchant, surface, fencing, in a word, blagosvetlovskaya" ... However, the success blagosvetlovskih journals in a wide circles of society shows that they existed as natural demand, as in the "Contemporary" are satisfied by a fine and serious tastes. Astute Blagosvetlov is aware of and accurately defined his audience. "We must measure our society by his own yardstick, this is a great and stupid Bambino, which is beyond the power of light and honest ideas; bambino requires turnip and garlic, and he brings a different tropical plants". Together with his journals, he will remain a characteristic in the history of 60-ies. - Wed. G.E. Blagosvetlov, "Works" (St. Petersburg, 1882, with a foreword NV. Shelgunova) SA. Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scientists" (t. III); NV. Shelgunov, "Works" (t. I) and "Russian Thought" (1888, N 3). E. Koltonovskaya.

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Blagosvetlov Gregory Evlampievich, photo, biography
Blagosvetlov Gregory Evlampievich, photo, biography Blagosvetlov Gregory Evlampievich  famous journalist, photo, biography
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