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Blumberg, Ivan Pavlovich

( one of the first researchers of Antiquities on the Black Sea)

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Biography Blumberg, Ivan Pavlovich
Blaramberg was born in Flanders in 1772. - In 1786, Mr.. joined the Dutch military service, two months later was promoted to officer, participated in almost all military affairs of those times and in 1792, Mr.. even he was taken prisoner, of which was only released in 1795, during the invasion of Germany and the French education Batavian Republic. In this (1795), he entered the service of the British military commander, of still developing from the remnants of all the battalions of troops against the French, 1796, Mr.. lived in Frankfurt, and in the spring of 1797, Mr.. went, with the consent of the British government, in Russia and in June this year was already in St. Petersburg. However, in Petersburg, he did not stay long, and moved to Moscow, where he stayed until 1804, states all the time in the service of the British. This year, he joined the Russian service and was appointed assistant editor in the tenth commission on drafting laws (1804 - 1806). In 1808, after 1 1/2-letnego break, he gets a new assignment - Attorney Commercial Court in Odessa.

From 1810 to 1825 - served as the customs department, then was an official for special assignments Novorossiysk General - Governor Prince. Ms. Vorontsov. At the same time, with the opening of museums for the storage of antiquities in Odessa (August 9, 1825) and Kerch (2 June 1826) was their manager and a lot of time and effort devoted to their devices. He died in retirement, in 1831, December 31, in Odessa. Being from 1812. resident r. Odessa Blaramberg soon made friends with there the prospectors of Antiquities, IA. Stempkowski, . Nikovulom and Debryuksom, . deeply addicted to studies archeology of southern Russia and on its numerous and fruitful work correctly can be put together with the named by archaeologists, . has created a firm beginning of the late archaeological research not only in southern Russia, . but throughout its space,

Excavations and the multilateral development of the archaeological literature, Blarambergu managed to achieve significant scientific results. So, . he, . first, . discovered the existence of pyatisoyuziya, . composed of the cities and ports of the western shore of the Black Sea, . in the following order, . Tomi (Kistendzhi), . Kallat (Mangalia), . Odissos (Varna), . Messemvria and, . Finally, . Apollonia (Sizopoli) and secondly, . first developed numismatics Olbia and its neighboring ancient Greek settlements and, . Third, . pinpoint the location of a number of ancient cities, . fortresses and villages: Tyra, . Niconium, . Fisk and others,

. Of the printed works Blaramberga best known: 1) "Notice sur quelques objets d'antiquite, . decouverts en Tauride dans un tumulus, . pres du site de l'ancienne Panticapee "(Paris, . 1822) - here referred to the ancient things, . found in barrow, . located 5 miles from the place of the ancient Panticapeum (Kerch),
. 2) "Choix des medailles antiques d'Olbiopolis, ou Olbia, avec une notice sur Olbia" (Paris, 1822, with the application plan ruins g. Olbia and 21 tables, which contain the 204 images of coins and 29 monograms. In Russian - "Description of ancient medals Olbia or Olviopolya located in Odessa, in the office of Mr.. Blaramberga "A translation. Pisarev, MA, 1828. 3) "De la position des trois forteresses scythes, dont parle Strabon" (1831, "Application of the three fortresses of Strabo Scythian"). Excerpts from this work already in 1829, with the manuscript, was translated into German and published in a daily-mitavskom edition (Die Quatember, Bd. 1. Heft. II). In addition, many Blaramberg published separate articles, mainly on issues of numismatics in the Odessa Collection "in" Odessa's Almanac "and various foreign journals. In the manuscript Blaramberg left the following works, . which are in the Academy of Sciences: 1) "Observations sur quelques points relatifs a la Geographie ancienne de la Tauride", . 2) "Traces approximatifs des vestiges de l'ancien Cimmerium d'Acra, . de Nymphee, . de Mirmecium et de Tiritace "and 3) Map Cimmerian Strait,
. V. R.

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Blumberg, Ivan Pavlovich, photo, biography
Blumberg, Ivan Pavlovich, photo, biography Blumberg, Ivan Pavlovich  one of the first researchers of Antiquities on the Black Sea, photo, biography
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