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Blumberg Pavel Ivanovich

( composer and journalist)

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Biography Blumberg Pavel Ivanovich
Born September 14, 1841; education in St. Petersburg. Alexander Lyceum. He served in the Central Statistical Committee of the Ministry of the Interior, in the editions of which the notes of the Russian Geographic Society published its statistical work. Earnestly engaged in teaching in Sunday schools, soon closed, and the organization of free public reading rooms, an equally short-lived. Taste for music was discovered at Blaramberga in childhood, but his musical education he has received very meager, he was taught only to play the piano, and then bad.

Another boy, 13 - 14 years, he decided to write an opera, even though no one had heard the opera on the stage. In high school he set out his fellow string orchestra and conducted them by transferring to it unchallenging symphonies and sonatas of the German classics, and sometimes performing, and their own experiences (among other things, excerpts from the opera "Undine"). Several elementary harmony lessons he was able to take from Gerke; more Blaramberg continued his studies alone, without a leader. Instrumentation Blaramberg studied practically by attending a concert rehearsal, where the notice the nature of individual instruments and their joint sonority, long stood among the military choirs, observing the effects of sonority brass instruments. In the late 50-ies Blaramberg met Balakirev and his circle; Balakirev some time he studied piano playing.

Autumn 1869. He took part in the 7 th International Statistical Congress in The Hague, as the official representative of Russia, at the end of that year participated in the work on a one-day census of St. Petersburg. Upon his retirement, Blaramberg settled for a time abroad, where was heavily into music. Until that time they were written a few songs, and other small things, . but from the larger - only the music to "Voevoda Ostrovsky (1865; overture, . faded, . 5 intermission, . one of whom also lost, . several vocal.),

For two years in Brussels he painted a large cantata on the theme of Lermontov's "Demon" and the first half of his opera "Mary Tudor, in 1888. set in the Moscow Bolshoi Theater, under the name "Mary of Burgundy". After moving to Moscow, Blaramberg soon became one of the permanent staff "Russian Gazette", then head of the department of foreign policy, and on the formation of the Association "Russian Gazette" - one of the companions.

At the same time, he was a professor of the classes of form and instrumentation of Music and Drama School of the Philharmonic Society. Later his works: a comic opera "buffoon" (3 d., . on plot Ostrovsky, . Cominco XVIII century ", is only represented by one of the first act in a student opera performance Philharmonic: March 22, 1887), one-act opera" The girl-Mermaid "(performed on the same play April 3, 1888, . subsequently altered and enlarged); chetyrehaktnaya opera "men of Tushino" (story of a dramatic chronicle of Ostrovsky "Tushino", . staged at the Bolshoi Theater on Jan. 24, 1895, two-act opera-Idyll "The Wave" (performed only excerpts in concerts), a symphony orchestra H-moll; (1886), symphonic poem "The Dying Gladiator" (1882), . Scherzo for Orchestra in H-moll; fantasy for singing solo, . women's choir and orchestra "Dragonfly" (1879), . musical picture for male chorus and orchestra on the Volga "(1880; choirs a capella awarded the Imperial Russian Music Society), . choral arrangements of Russian folk songs (from records Melgunov), . many songs,
. Etude his "Censorship and Music" is printed in the book "In Defense of the word" (1905)

. Not having particularly profound and brilliant creative talent, . Blaramberg, . thanks to your taste, . technical skill and a serious attitude to the problems of art, . left a number of works, . which can be marked in the history of modern Russian school of music,
. Relations with Balakirev circle reflected in these works of folk style, characteristic of all the new Russian musical school, both in melody and in the methods of technical processing. In 1898, Mr.. Blaramberg moved permanently to his estate in the Crimea. He died in Nice on March 15, 1907, Mr.. See. article about him Prince BA. Shchetinina, "Idealist of the sixties" ( "Historical Journal, 1907, N 6).

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Blumberg Pavel Ivanovich, photo, biography
Blumberg Pavel Ivanovich, photo, biography Blumberg Pavel Ivanovich  composer and journalist, photo, biography
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