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BOBRISCHEV-Pushkin, Aleksandr Mikhailovich

( Writer and judicial activities)

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Biography BOBRISCHEV-Pushkin, Aleksandr Mikhailovich
(1851 - 1903)
. He was educated in the Law School, . served as Chairman of the Petersburg District Court and the Procurator Comrade Criminal Cassation Department of the Senate, . one of the servants of persistent judicial charters, . faithful to the spirit and legacy of the first years of judicial reform,
. Without limiting the practical activities, . those aspirations, . incidentally, . in a decent true judge and does not allow outside influences to chair for many important cases with a jury, . - He devoted much thoughtful study of labor conditions and results of Conscience,
. His "empirical laws of the Russian jury trial" (Moscow, 1896), with an atlas of tables and charts are a rich and broad conclusions from observations of the diverse manifestations of this court. In his Senate career, he passionately devoted himself to the pursuit of the proper conduct of affairs of the schism and sectarianism. Realizing, . that neither the word caring shepherd, . any reasonable guidance teachers do not come in a wide and sufficiently to help the people, . groping in the twilight, and austere nature gnetomomu, . age-old superstitions and the replacement of the spirit of Scripture deadening letter, . He found, . that the views of the wild fanaticism to pure rationalist beliefs there are a number of shades and individual exercises, . judge which one scale would be unjust,
. Recognizing therefore, . the judge, . which in all cases of multiple, . related to the manifestation of sectarianism and raskoloucheniya, . mechanically applies the punishment, . without going into the meaning and moral side of teaching, . professed defendants, . operates with an automatic callousness, . BA-Pushkin, . in an effort to resolve such cases and to protect freedom of conscience, . interpreted and explained the criminal law, . encountering resistance, . misunderstanding and resentment,
. His valuable book "The court-sectarians and schismatics" (St. Petersburg, . 1901) is a wonderful guide for judicial activist, . contains in itself a wealth of factual and historical material, . the combined requirements of true justice and legitimate compassion,
. He was fond of literary history and a minister, poetry, and poetry, moreover, not an abstract, designed exclusively for the worship of beauty and soaring to the heavens, and trailing on the ground, as a consolation and support rights among the sad lives of prose. In a long article on the poetry of Nekrasov, he set off it was a public service to the muse, the poet's revenge and sorrow "(Journal of Europe", 1902). In his own poems, published in the Bulletin of the World "after his death (merit special attention: Prev separation," "Octave" and "Two of Psyche"), it feels oppressive weariness of his soul from business concerns and frustrations of everyday life. But in life he lowered his hands and was an energetic worker. His literary activity has caused the election of its chairman literary and artistic circle of the poet's name Polonsky, . in which he made his concerns, . reports and shiny objections, . complete heterogeneous information, . great intellectual revival,
. He died in full possession of mental strength and powerful health from the effects of the operation in one of the resorts in the vicinity of Dresden. A. F. K.

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BOBRISCHEV-Pushkin, Aleksandr Mikhailovich, photo, biography
BOBRISCHEV-Pushkin, Aleksandr Mikhailovich, photo, biography BOBRISCHEV-Pushkin, Aleksandr Mikhailovich  Writer and judicial activities, photo, biography
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