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BOBROV Semen Sergeevich

( poet)

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Biography BOBROV Semen Sergeevich
(born, probably in the late 1760's, died in 1810).
He studied at Moscow University, was an interpreter in the state of the Admiralty Board and was a committee on the drafting of laws. Printed Bobrov started from 1784 g. According to the epigram of his literary enemies, causing him Bibrisom, Bobrov was an alcoholic. These epigrammatic reviews (kn. P.A. Vyazemsky, Batiushkov and Pushkin, who called it "heavy Bibrusom") name Bobrova rescued from oblivion. It was the writer really hard, . what gives the most adequate concept of the name of its huge book, . example, . Dawn midnight, . or contemplation of Fame, . triumph and wisdom porfironosnyh, . branenosnyh and peaceful geniuses Russia, . the study of teaching, . erotic and other kinds of poetry and prose experiments ",
. In a long poem ( "Tavrida, . or My summer day in the Tauride Chersonese ", . referred to "Dawn at midnight", . "Ancient night and the universe, . or wandering blind "), . Bobrov wrote and translated the ode, . moral and didactic writings, English literature, he became interested in one of the first in Russia,
. He was a mystic, but his mysticism was bright and humane; mystical feeling nourished in him a Masonic practice and literature, and develop in him a love of symbolization, in which it reached the monstrous exaggerations and extremes. Poetic talent it was, . and not surprisingly, long before Viazemsky, . Batiushkov and Pushkin he was abused Sumarokov, . parody of his style (in the "Ode to the loud-soft absurd new style"), . and Radishchev, . derisively refer to it in his poem, "Bova",
. But contemporaries were unable to appreciate in a beaver literary theorist with solid and even sagacious views. In those times, when literature was still so young, Bobrov felt how hard the struggle between the idea and the verbal embodiment. "The language is easy, but how misleading! - He wrote. - Thing, . passing through the ear, . often loses its rightness ", . and boldly created neologisms, . explaining: "Ordinary and old names, . seems, . did not pay attention to the word of the force and strength, . Wherein fresh, . bold and seemingly with patriotic ardor invented names ",
. From the set of invented words, mostly awkward, difficult and tasteless, some, however, came in everyday and literary speech; especially eager to enjoy it Slavism, which attracted the sympathies of A.S. Shishkov and made him a laughingstock Karamzinians. He claimed, . that "the rhyme never should be a substantial music in the verse", . and that it, . "often serving as if some of the finest withdrawal feelings and graceful thoughts, . almost always kills the soul of the composition ", . If the author makes it unnecessary concessions,
. Long before Benediktova, Balmont and Symbolists end of XIX century. Bobrov felt nostalgia for the "unheard of sounds" and "unknown language" and the first to speak about the beauty of the white line. Russian poetry can not withdraw it any place, but in the history of literary theory and diversification of its merits are undeniable. - Biographical and bibliographical information about Bobrov cm. y VI. Saitov (compositions KN. Batiushkov, ed. L. Maikova, II, 536 - 538), in Article. M. Mazaeva ( "critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scientists, SA. Vengerov, IV, 57 - 65) and at C. Vengerov (Sources dictionary of Russian writers, t. I).

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BOBROV Semen Sergeevich, photo, biography
BOBROV Semen Sergeevich, photo, biography BOBROV Semen Sergeevich  poet, photo, biography
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