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Bogdanov N. Modeste

( well-known Russian zoologist and traveler)

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Biography Bogdanov N. Modeste
photo Bogdanov N. Modeste
Born in 1841, Mr.. in the village of Russian Bekshanke, Syzran County Simbirsk province, and the first years spent there, in the name of the parents. In its early stage of observation and a passion for hunting and life on a rustic expanse and diverse nature of the surrounding area were given in this regard, a wealth of material. Upon its completion in Simbirsk gymnasium, Bogdanov entered the Kazan University, which graduated from a candidate in 1864. Among his favorite professors were п?.п?. Butlerov, MA. Kowalski and especially Eversman. In 1868 - 1870 years made a big trip to the Volga Region from Kazan to Astrakhan. In 1871, Mr.. received a Master of Zoology, St. Petersburg University, in the end he was elected full-time lecturer, and in 1872. keeper of the Zoological Museum of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. In the summer of 1871. was sent to the Kazan Society of Naturalists in the Caucasus. He made a great journey, has collected extensive material and yet ill with fever, which served as the primary cause of serious illnesses from which he suffered later. In 1873, Mr.. Bogdanov took the opportunity to visit the deserts of Central Asia and the Khiva oasis, while still almost unexplored in the scientific sense, he took part in the Khiva expedition, consisting of Kazalinsk Detachment. Here he not only had to fully share the hardships of the expedition, but also to take part in hostilities. In the winter of 1873 - 1874's, he took an active part in the work of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society. It is to obtain for a considerable sum for a scientific expedition to Aralokaspiysky Region, under the command of General Stoletov expedition, which gave such rich fruit. Bogdanov so interested in the nature of this region, which was joined by a new expedition. Now the region has been pacified, and scientists could work in peace. Report has been printed by him in Volume VII, Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists ". In the late 70-ies Bogdanov was sent abroad, Minister of Education and 1 1 / 2 years he worked in the museums of Paris, Berlin and Vienna, especially the collections of birds, which all more focused his attention. In 1878, Mr.. received his associate professor of zoology at Petersburg University. In 1880 Bogdanov went on the expedition, equipped St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists at the White Sea and Arctic Ocean. The results presented it to them in the "Proceedings" of society. The death of Professor Kessler, Bogdanov was elected as extraordinary professor, and later appointed as an ordinary. Over the years, the health Modest Nikolaevich became worse and he was forced to abandon the place curator of the Academy of Sciences. At the end of 1885. he had to stop lecturing. The University gave him a trip to the Caucasus, it was assumed that in warmer climates it can still work and improve their health. The end of winter 1885 - 1886 period he spent in Tbilisi and Sukhumi-Kale, Summer 1886. - At the foot of the glacier, near Alagir, winter 1886 - 1887 g. - In Tiflis, and Ashour-Ada, where he hoped to do extensive research on the Persian shore, but the damp climate is so badly affected his health that doctors advised him to go soon. Having lived from March to August 1887 in his native Volga region, in Syzran, he returned to St. Petersburg, where his illness worsened and 16 March 1888. died.
Proceedings Bogdanov been devoted to exploring the life and geographical distribution of vertebrate animals. He did not confine their study in the museums and long, and many saw them in nature, making a long journey and not only as a scientist, but as a hunter. Russian scientist in this regard is a wide expanse, and it is important that faunal and geographical area was extended, particularly in universities. It is in this direction and worked Bogdanov. He was a remarkably gifted professor, young people treated him very sympathetically, and he left the students who continue to work in this direction. The man with the broad-minded, Bogdanov is not limited to the description of animals. By studying their lives, he studied and the nature of the country where these animals lived, and left us a description of the nature of workshops, especially his remarkable book: "Birds and animals Chernozem Belt" and "Essays on the nature of the Khiva oasis". In the first book he gave a remarkably accurate description of his native Volga region, the influence of black earth, sand, rivers and t. d. the organic world. It should be noted that many places of this land to Bogdanov were not visited by naturalists from the time of Pallas. They sought further to Siberia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, to explore the nature of a more diverse, more distinct from the European. Bogdanov has shown that close to us there are many new and curious, and, fortunately, found followers. Although he was not engaged in special study of black earth, but in this matter did not do enough. The second of these books, . but living descriptions of nature and organic life, . remarkable by the fact, . that the author drew attention to fishing and perceptive person, . clearly understands the needs of public, . indicated, . what should be done in this province,
. The fact that General Kaufman advised to settle the Russian colonists on the Amu Darya, to engage in farming, and at the first opportunity to use exiles Ural Cossacks. Bogdanov opposed this, pointing out that the locals - good farmers, and Russian will be difficult to adjust to new conditions. On the other hand, the fish wealth of the Amu Darya is very large, and the natives were very poor fishermen, did not know the use of sails and oars, and did not know how to keep fish in store. Bogdanov believed settlement there Ural Cossacks very helpful - both excellent anglers. The same thing happened to them personally expressed to General Kaufman, who did so with great benefit to the edge. Bogdanov was very interested in animals and studied them a lot. Especially in the last years of his life has affected this area, and he lived a few years, it would give the rich, practical results. Bogdanov was the founder and chairman of the Russian Society of poultry and before his death was engaged in a book about the breeding of chickens, for which have already been commissioned drawings. He rightly thought that poultry is of great economic significance for Russia, and that we could sell abroad for many millions of poultry products. In the last years of life Bogdanov has written for children, especially in the "Spring". His articles are considered exemplary in the clarity of language and the ability to transmit vivid natural phenomena. Its main scientific works, . except for articles in journals (in particular zoological), and the already mentioned reports: "zoogeographical life of the field grouse" (Kazan, . 1867), "Birds and animals Chernozem Belt" (Kazan, . 1871), "Russian shrikes (St. Petersburg, . 1878), "Birds of the Caucasus" (St. Petersburg, . 1879), "Essays on the nature of the Khiva oasis and desert Kyzyl Kum", "Description of the Khiva expedition in 1873" (published under the editorship of Lieutenant-General Trotsky, . Tashkent, . 1882); "Ornithology Russia" (h,
. I, St. Petersburg., 1885). From children's books: "Worldly zahrebetniki" and "From the life of Russian nature". The second was published by Professor Wagner, a well written biography of Bogdanov.

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Bogdanov N. Modeste, photo, biography
Bogdanov N. Modeste, photo, biography Bogdanov N. Modeste  well-known Russian zoologist and traveler, photo, biography
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