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Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov

( artist seascape)

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Biography Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov
photo Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov
(1824 - 1896). He was educated in the marine corps. While still a cadet, Bogolyubov was engaged in painting. In 1849, Mr.. was among the officers of the ship "Kamchatka", which went to the Madera Duke Maximilian Leuchtenberg. Acquainted with the figures hierarchy, Duke advised the young officer to devote himself to his art. In 1850, Mr.. Bogolyubov entered the Academy of Fine Arts. His artistic education he is primarily obliged to Stamp. Vorobiev and B.I. Villevalde. Attracted the attention of the two types of Kronstadt harbor and the painting "The flood in Kronstadt harbor in 1824". In 1852, Mr.. received a second gold medal for the three paintings: "View of the Smolny Convent from Ohta," "Battle of the brig" Mercury "with two Turkish ships" (from the Turkish War of 1828) and "Check e. and. in. Duke Maximilian Leichtenberg of Lisbon ". Bogolyubov left the Academy in 1853, Mr.. with the first gold medal and was appointed chief artist of the Naval Staff. Leaving the naval service, he spent seven years traveling around Europe. In Geneva, the advice of the famous Kalama, in Paris, worked in the studio Izabe; within two years he studied under Andrew Achenbach. In 1856, Mr.. Bogolyubov was in Constantinople, on the Danube and in Sinop, in order to write some sketches for paintings, commissioned by Emperor Nicholas. Upon his return was given the title of Academician, and in 1860. - Professor of Painting. At the same time Bogolyubov arranged in the halls of the Academy exhibition of his works in favor of the widows and orphans of artists. In this exhibition, special attention of the public drawn the pictures from the history of our fleet, ordered by the Emperor, in particular, "Sinop" and "Kermes in Amsterdam" (in the museum of Alexander III). Emperor Alexander II ordered Bogolubov send in pictures of the history of the fleet of Peter the Great. The last Turkish war, in its Black Sea and Danube exploits, just as reflected in the work of Bogoliubov. On behalf of the hydrographic department of the Ministry of Maritime Bogolyubov sailed the Gulf of Finland and reefs, represented Bank and promeryal space ports and rocky passes. The same atlas was done to them and in the Caspian Sea. In 1871, Mr.. Bogolyubov has written for the Orthodox Church in Paris several murals. In the same year he gave the Academy of up to 225 sketches in oils and 800 drawings and watercolors sepia. In recent years he lived in Paris, only occasionally visiting Russia. Through his initiative, in Paris, settled society of mutual welfare Russian artists. G. Saratov them a museum named after Radishcheva, whom he has a grandson. In the museum there are pictures of Alexander III hierarchy: "Sunset", . "Golitsyn Hospital, . Nizhni Novgorod Fair, . "Fair in Amsterdam and several watercolors, . in the Tretyakov Gallery - "Golden Horn", . "The mouth of the Neva, . "Summer Night on the Neva River at the seaside" etc.,

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Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov, photo, biography
Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov, photo, biography Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov  artist seascape, photo, biography
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